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In response to Kareema`s comments, the introduction on humantrafficking is well said and it brings out the true nature of thethesis statement, it also creates a desire in the reader to want toknow more about human trafficking. It is captivating and it presentsan overview of what the topic is all about.

The body paragraph is well structured only that in some cases it getspresented with a variety of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.The ideas that get presented by Kareema on the topic of humantrafficking are following a chronological order as one ideatranslates smoothly to the next. Another issue that gets detected onthe essay is the existence of the wrong use of tenses mostly thepassive voice gets detected as it arises in almost all instances inthe presented paragraphs.

Kareema shows great strength in the creation of ideas that getpresented in a chronological manner. Grammatical errors and spellingmistakes are some of the issues that affect the essay that getspresented by Kareema. The conclusion is well written as it coversalmost all of the ideas that get presented in the essay.

According to the evidence presented in the essay, I think, Kareemacovered the scope to the fullest, this makes me feel okay on mattersconcerning the process of writing especially if one is a new writer,the process at some point might offer some challenges, but Kareemamanaged to adhere to the situation and ended up producing an amazingessay.

The structure of the body of all the paragraphs that gets presentedin the essay offered maximum guidance. Also, the structure seems toact as a standard for all writing material as the various articlesthat I have ever encountered gets presented based on theseguidelines.


Hepburn, S., &amp Simon, R. J. (2013). Human trafficking aroundthe world: Hidden in plain sight.