Human Trafficking essay



AsLee(2013) state, human trafficking is a serious crime and a violation ofhuman rights. It is human trade whereby human are traded for thepurpose of sexual slavery, commercial sexual exploitation, forcedlabor. As Lee (2013) responds to scholars comment, internationalconvections have also condemned human trafficking as a violation ofvictim’s rights. Prior my research, I could not differentiate typesof human trafficking including sex trafficking, labor trafficking,forced marriage, and children trafficking.

Sextrafficking is sexual exploitation, especially for women, through useof deception, physical or sexual coercion, abuse of power, andbondage through forced debt. It includes coercing the victim into asexual act. Trafficked victims are promised work in service ordomestic industry, but instead, they are forced to brothels wherebythey undertake sex work, and their identification documentsconfiscated. On the other hand, labor trafficking is migration aperson from one location to another for the purpose of forced labor.It involves child labor, domestic servitude, bonded labor, andinvoluntary servitude. Normally, labor trafficking occurs within thedomain of entrainment, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, anddomestic work. The most probable people to fall victims of labortrafficking include the indigenous people and migrant workers.

Forcedmarriage is whereby one or both participants are forced to getmarried without their consent. The victim may be sold, inherited, ortransferred into that marriage unwillingly. Sadly, forced marriagealso leads to other forms of human trafficking such as sex and labortrafficking. For instance, if a woman is forced into a marriage, thehusband may force her to engage in sexual conduct hence, sextrafficking. On the other hand, the woman may also be treated as adomestic servant hence, labor trafficking. On the other hand,children trafficking involves recruiting, transporting, harboring,transferring of young children for exploitation purposes. Thesechildren may be forced into prostitution, pornography, forced labor,slavery, servitude, early marriage, and child soldiers, among others.Normally, children traffickers take advantage of children’s’poverty and sell their children to clear their debts or as a gainincome.

WhatI find fascinating about human trafficking is that in all cases, thevictims are forced into trafficking business. In addition, thetraffickers are the only persons who benefit, while the victims maysuffer for the rest of their life. I would advise my classmate to bevery careful to never fall victims of human trafficking, or elsebecome traffickers.


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