Human Relations in a diverse society essay

The world today faces an invisible enemy. An enemy not defined by borders, color, country or clothes. That enemy is popularly known as “Terrorist”. The name itself would bring to memory the innocent victims it always claims. It would be interesting to look into the reasons which compel them to kill so willingly. The terrorist, as we know, are highly motivated people. It is the motivation that makes them blind to the huge human suffering they inflict. So, what is it that drives them so crazy?

Angelalife. com says, the individual’s dissatisfaction with his life plays a very important role in making him a hard core terrorist. This reason applies to both the 9/11 assassins and the domestic terrorists. Moreover, an individual who is dissatisfied has his psychology and culture defining his frustrations. He may be very dissatisfied with the government, or religion or personal life. He would always look for ways to influence people around him. Terrorists groups with similar thought process are a great attraction to him because he can force down his views on a disinclined society in some form.

It doesn’t matter if killing is the only way. Because for them, it is always “US” versus “THEM”. Culture, on the other hand, binds them closely like a family. Sacrifice of life is done unflinchingly, whether it is their own or someone else’s. It is done as a duty to your group or clan, and blowing out a life is a personal honor. It would be worthwhile to notice that terrorism is the same all over the world. Whether it is the extremists group in U. S, the Islamic terrorists, or the LTTE in Sri Lanka, their common weapon is terror.

Their only motive is to force an unwilling society to abide by their rules. And the methods they use are very similar too. Depending on whether they are fighting for a political or emotional cause, the methods and targets are decided. According to Terrorism group and research, the non-religious terrorist group would resort to minimum casualties because they would not like to jeopardise their stand by widespread violence. Violence would only bring them backlash. Their targets are highly specific and methods discriminative too.

When it comes to religious groups, they would like to inflict as many casualties as possible. The reason being all the non-believers deserve to die and the believers who die in the process will be rewarded with better life “after death”. This definition applies to all of them across the globe. The main intent of the terrorist, whether he is in Afghanistan, U. S or in U. K is to create fear among its potential victims. Law enforcement officers in any country, who are plagued by this menace, need to be very cautious when taking action against such groups.

Special care should be taken to enlighten self about the facts when dealing with them, than to be in the grip of various myths relating to terrorists that an average citizen holds. The most common myth held by many is that all Muslims are terrorists. It is very unfortunate that the action of few has changed the lives of so many law-abiding citizens. It would be unforgivable if the security agencies protecting us would also believe so. Therefore, get yourself acquainted with facts before taking any action. Similarly, most of us think that terrorists are poor and uneducated people who get swayed away by some beliefs thanks to their ignorance.

This is absolutely wrong. In fact, the modern trend among the terrorists show highly educated people taking up arms. They do that consciously. Our security agencies would do well if they keep this mind. The major chunk of these terror groups aims at nothing but an obliging crowd. They just want to see their ideals, whether political or religious, accepted by the society. Therefore, to force the reluctant society, they take up arms. Ironical it may sound; there is one thing that unites them all. That is terror.

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