Human Relations in a Diverse Society essay

Modern police officers are notorious icons of peacekeeping. Police officers are most notorious for placing labels on many different cultural and racial minorities of this country. It must be realized that not only one race make up the population of America. There is a multitude of different races, cultures, genders, beliefs, orientations and preferences to be acknowledged as part of the modern society (Simpson, 2007). However, peace officers must learn to accept these differences as they are a very important part of the community.

Law enforcement has always been thought of as a form of public service. These include the anticipation of crime, and upholding order in the community. Law enforcement demands many different aspects of policing, but its primary objective is just that: the enforcement of law, and upholding peace. Police officers now have the opportunity to become not just part of civil peacekeeping but also assume the role of a Peace Officer. To ensure its effectivity, however, one must first reevaluate police professionalism in its true sense.

There must be a certain degree of sophistication in the use of policing methods in any particular event in the course of the daily routine in each and every police officer. It is imperative that every peace officer must be able to reach out to the community at large. Police training must be aimed towards officer proficiency and thorough understanding of their role in today’s society. Police managers will recognize the interconnectedness between their activities and those of other public services, such as housing, welfare and employment agencies.

The police are the community and the community is the police (Solicitor General, 1991). Officers must also be able to meet high technology standards, as high-level crime activity is often assisted by high-level technology. The judicial system of the police force must be extensively organized to promote effectiveness and proficiency. RAND Corporation (2007). Training the 21st Century Police Officer.

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