Human Relations & Development

George W Bush may have graduated from Yale in 1968. Then he went off to serve in the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war. I wonder did he ever volunteer to fight along his fellow Americans, who were always on the look out for the enemy? From what I can understand is that the Presidents big adventure in 1968 was to learn how to fly. So while he had his head in the clouds his friends were captured, and tortured. While others were blown to smithereens from land mines, and if they were lucky to some how survive that.

Then they’d be sent home with a missing limb if not in a body bag. So now three decades later he’s comparing the Vietnam gorilla warfare to Iraq. It’s like he’s comparing apples to oranges. Let us just say that Vietnam’ communist government is the apples’ outer skin. The Vietmees people are the meat of the apple who are trying to get out from under their communist government. They as well as the American Soldiers fought a good fight. Up until the U. S. had a humiliating withdrawal from Vietnam, and yet three decades later.

At the apples’ core Vietnam still has a communist government, and they now have a thriving economy. Now Iraq is the orange, and they’ve hit every pit in the outer skin, and broke through to the thin layer of skin. Then scrapped that off to only break through the next layer to get to the pulp. Meaning the common people, and yet whose blood is still being shed over pure greed, and power. We the American people of the United States are actually helping to fund this war, through higher gas prices and again are being forced to lose our loved ones.

Over a war that has been going on for centuries, and even though I feel that our current President may still have his head up in the clouds. He does have a point both. The apple, and orange have seeds to plant. We can only hope that more good then bad comes from the seeds we’ve planted, and maybe one day there’ll be no war. Pg two. You Can’t Learn How to Get Along From A Book I would tell you that you’re right. We can’t learn how to get along with others just from reading a book. We learn how to get along with others from observing, and what is instilled in us at a young age.

From our grandparents, and parents, brothers and sisters. We learn how to get along with others from observing, and also through trial and error. Not everyone will get along with one another. We know this from past history to our present time. Basically we can’t learn everything from books. We have to get out there and experience things for our selves’. We also have to learn to communicate with one another in order to be able to get along . A persons’ personality is a distinctive trait , and or qualities that can or can not make a individual appealing to another.

If a person has great personality traits, they are much easier to work with. As opposed to working with someone who doesn’t. Having some knowledge of a persons’ personality helps us to determine if we want to socialize more with them, and or if we have something in common with this person. We use our basic instinct more then we realize. Knowing how a person is helps us to determine if we are to have a good working relationship or not. pg three I have the capacity to understand knowledge, the ability to think abstractly or profoundly.

I am inclined to engage in rational or creative thought as well as being able to solve problems. While also making myself understood in my own way of thinking. The implications of a persons gender in the work force, shouldn’t be based on whether they are male or female. It should be based on how well they perform their job. But, this doesn’t occur it is based on that the female is the weaker sex, and can’t do the job as well as a male. Thus the female is payed less then the male for doing the same job.

This is encountered in every job not just in an office. The best way for members of a work force team to help one another. Is to actually work together on getting things done. Once they have accomplished their goals then they have reached, or achieved synergy. (A sense of accomplishment. ) If a team member encounters a social loafer or uncovers one. They should try to get this individual more involved in the team activities, and or social circle. A person who isn’t really that enthused with their job isn’t going to be effective in group solving.

It takes a person with good leadership skills and the ability to present the problem along with the solution. Also not to be afraid to ask for any ideas from others or to take criticism. This is how a person can be effective in group solving. Ideas for dealing with someone who has very low acceptance of authority, is to help them work their problem out. Suggest that they become their own boss. In our cultural era it isn’t justified to employ just your own race. This would cause many complications for the company.

Reducing a large percent of a companies work force each year does lead to less productivity. The complications from this is more people are on welfare, and unemployment. This could also give the company problems with tax audits, or they could go out of business. To resolve these conflicts, it would be best to keep the work force they have. Thus they will have a high productivity rate. I did my best with what little information I had. The libraries I went to didn’t have the book by the author you gave. So I answered the questions based on everyday life.