Human Nature essay

The focal point of this paper is to evaluate and analyze Human nature, its physical aspect, its mental aspect and the mind/body combination in views of philosophers and thinkers of various religion and sects. It can stated that fundamental subsistence and nature of a human in the context of physical, mental and from the perspective of mind and body. It also includes the entire assortment of behavior that is considered to be a constant and sustainable over a large period of time frame and it is persistent in the context of every cultural variety and differences.

(Lamb, 2004) However, there are several views and perspective in this context. The empiricism point of view enumerated the physical, mental and the mind/body aspect as tabula rasa by John Locke. In accordance to him the entire nature of human self is the constant nurture of sensory experiences where the individual gathers information right from birth. On the other hand Plato incorporated the idea of anthropology and metaphysics in defining the amalgamation of the concept of physical, mental and the mind/body aspect of the human nature.

He suggested that the human nature is basically the combination of genitals, belly, breast and the concept of intellectuality. He also stated the basic human nature was always uncomfortable with this coexistence and death was the only way out of this coercion. However, from the point of view of Teleology such perspective of human nature is considered to be naive as according to this philosophy there is a certain purpose of all human life and thus circumstances shapes up the human nature in accordance to the purpose the specified individual is to perform.

But from the point of view of biology and psychology the nature of a human is chiefly dependent on the environment and all the aspects of the concept of physical, mental and the mind/body feature of the human nature is dependent of that principal. Biology seeks the justification in the aspect of genetics and states that every individual and human nature if the result of a formulation constructed well within the genetic codes of the double helix and the body just follows these codes as the human nature is build on these directions.

The characteristic of psychology also enumerates the variables of the human mind on the same principals of biology but add in the influence of immediate environment along with the transition of genetics. According t psychology the human nature along with its physical, mental and the mind/body features are generated by the direct influence of the environment around the individual and any instigation by the environment is processed by the genetic codes and the end result of reaction of the human nature is delivered accordingly.

(Berkowitz, 1999) In conclusion it can be stated that philosophy and religion ignores the aspects of biology and psychology while determining and enumerating the aspects of physical, mental and the mind/body feature of human nature and chiefly sticks to spirituality and intellectuality. On the other hand sciences like biology and psychology completely ignores the aspects of spirituality while defining human nature.

Thus it is extremely important to amalgamate these two branches of human thought process to construct the true meaning of human nature along with its physical, mental and the mind/body feature.

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