Human Dynasty essay

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PhyllisC. Richman develops a strong thesis in her article about the HumanDynasty: &quotThe Hunan Dynasty is an example of what makes Chineserestaurants such reliable choices&quot (Richman 1). Richman assertsthat the (a Chinese restaurant) provides services anddelicacies that meet the dining needs of most individuals. Richmancontends that although the services offered by the Human dynasty maynot be at par with those provided by the best and most reputablerestaurants in America, the restaurant maintains an acceptable(decent) level of dining experience. To back her assertions, Richmanhighlights the high points of Chinese restaurants. She points outthat subtle glass etchings and white tablecloths make the diningexperience better. Also, she states that the waiters are &quotpolished&quotand the &quothot and spicy&quot asterisks do not mean that themeals are too hot and spicy. Richman, however, makes a fewassumptions, which water down her arguments. Richman states that the&quothot and spicy&quot asterisks should not be taken veryseriously, meaning the food is not very hot and spicy. Some peopleprefer hot and spicy dishes thus, a meal that has these ingredientsin meager quantities may be considered not very appealing. Inaddition, Richman misrepresents some of the information she uses. Sheargues that white tablecloths, instead of Formica or silk tassels,make the dining experience at The more attractive.Attractiveness is a somewhat subjective concept some cultures mayprefer silk tassels and Formica to white table cloths. Nonetheless,Richman reaches a relatively conclusive point. She asserts that The offers services that are attractive enough to meet thedining needs of most people.


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