HR Training Class essay

HRTraining Class

HRTraining Class

  1. Justification on the use of needs assessment and how it will expose any existing performance deficiencies.

Withoutdoubt, human resources forms an integral part in any business entityor company by ensuring the smooth and effective running of itsoperations (Stewart &amp Brown,2012). Thisresults to a substantial increase in output thus facilitating therealization of its set goals, targets and objectives. However, thatcan only be achieved by equipping the existing and the new employees’with the most crucial knowledge about the company’s products,organizations’ vision and mission as well as enlightening them onthe importance of improving on service delivery and ensuring customersatisfaction is attained.

Therefore,the use of needs assessment is very crucial in the retail industry.With the increased competition and intensifying the pressure on firmsin various industries to improve their services, it is imperative tohave competent employees who have the potential of executing theirassigned duties well and in a timely manner. Hence, as a member ofthe HR department assigned the responsibility of creating customertraining classes to new employees, the needs assessment is mandatoryto help identify the candidates whose needs match and fit with thoseof our company (Stewart &ampBrown, 2012).The needs assessment will play a significant role in exposing anyexisting performance deficiencies in various ways as justified in thefollowing discussion.

Lookingat the organizational performance

Thisis one of the ways that the needs assessment would bring out anyavailable performance deficiencies. It is very crucial in determiningthe specific skills, abilities, knowledge, qualifications andexperience that the company needs from the new employees thusenabling it to recruit the best and suitable candidates who will worktowards facilitating the attainment of its objectives (Barbazette,2005).&nbsp

Lookingat the employees’ individual needs

Lookingat the needs of an employee at a personal level is one of the waysthe needs assessment would be able to expose any performancedeficiencies that might exist (Noe,2010).&nbspThis will help the company establishing the suitable type of trainingthat is appropriate to specific new employees thus minimizing timethat is wasted on offering inappropriate training to the rightcandidates for the job.

Anoccupational needs assessment

Anoccupational needs assessment helps expose any existing performancedeficiencies by examining the capabilities, expertise as well as theknowledge that is needed for particular occupational groups that areaffected. Occupational assessment detects the manner as well as thespecific gaps or occupational inconsistencies that are present andevaluates the efficiency in which an employee is carrying out varioustasks. Equally important, it determines the capacity and potential ofan individual to carry out new jobs or different duties (Noe,2010).&nbsp

Conductinga personality test.

Carryingout a personality test will also help in exposing any prevailingperformance deficiencies. Evidently, not all persons have thecapability of working together as a team with other staff members(Barbazette,2005).Therefore, this will bevery beneficial in selecting new employees who can work together thusfostering unity and smooth running of a company’s operations.

Assessingan individuals’ mental capacity to perform

Lastly,assessing and evaluating the mental capacity of an individual toperform will also help in exposing any performance deficiencies thatmight be existing. The demand to perform is extremely high in anycompany that is determined to achieve its goals. Therefore, it iscrucial to recruit competent human personnel possessing the neededqualities and are able handle such intense pressure (Barbazette,2005).&nbsp

  1. Develop a customer service training implementation plan and determine how the method of training (i.e., presentation, discussion, case study, discovery, role play, simulation, modeling, or on the job training).

Prioritizingtraining activities and making it mandatory to all new employees isvery crucial because it gives all the staff members working in ourcompany first-hand information on its history, products and servicesthus making them understand how to represent it well. This shapes itsimage and reputation both internally and externally. Besides, thetraining enables employees to deliver accurate and reliableinformation to our clients thus building their loyalty giving ourcompany a higher competitive advantage. Having a productive customerservice training exercise requires a proper understanding of ourcustomers’ expectations,evaluate the employee’s skills, design and execute a trainingmechanism and finally have a consistent assessment of customerservice delivery. Customerservice training for the new employees can be implemented throughvarious methods such as case study, discussion, presentation,modelling, simulation, discovery, role play and on the job training.These various methods of training are meant to equip the new recruitswith diverse knowledge by enabling them learn differently moreespecially when it involves a large number of people. The employeesare able to learn and comprehensively understand the informationbefore embarking on its application.

  1. Justify why you selected the training method that you did.


Presentationas a training method since provides individuals with equalopportunities to help them learn. In addition, presentation enablesthe new employees to not only hear the information but also be ableto see and follow it visually. This improves its implementation sinceit is much easier for the employees to recall the information(Barbazette,2005).&nbsp


Thistraining method enables new employees to see the typical day to dayactivities in the company. This makes them be aware of what to expectthus preparing them for customers and other tasks they will behandling (Barbazette,2005).&nbsp


Thiswill fundamentally help in enforcing the case studies. Role playingenables the new employees to acknowledge and appreciate the manner inwhich operations are run in the company hence making them be muchprepared to tackle various challenges when they come up (Barbazette,2005).


Thistraining method is vital to the new recruits since it enables them toforecast the outcome of a situation if it is handled properly.Modelling demonstrates to the employees the correct behavior andactivities by experts which they ought to follow (Barbazette,2005).&nbsp

Onthe job training

Thismethod is of great benefit to new employees since more experiencedemployees are able to teach them along as they work and both thevisual and auditory learning areas are applied. Employees are able topick up and learn more quickly because it is done in the process(Barbazette,2005).&nbsp

Thevarious methods I selected are very helpful and highly recommended incompanies for new employees. They provide various learning methodswhich are intertwined for a more effective and productive training(Evenson,2011).&nbsp

  1. Propose two (2) ways to motivate an employee who has no interest in attending a training class.

TheHuman Resource department ought to come up with mechanisms that willfacilitate the learning. That will substantially help in handling andmotivating employees who are not interested to attend trainingclasses.

Payingemployees for attending the training

Thiswill greatly influence their attitude towards training thusmotivating them to attend. They will feel acknowledged andappreciated for their time. Besides, this will make them get used tothe culture that training is mandatory for the employees so that theycan execute various tasks appropriately and correctly (Evenson,2011).&nbspEqually important, doing so will make employees realize thecommitment and investment the company is putting towards trainingthus encouraging them to attend since they are part of the company.

Professionaldevelopment course initiative.

Thiswill play a considerable role in enabling employees advance in theworkplace. Starting a professional development course will motivateemployees to attend trainings and in return give them credits for thecourse .Employeesare eligible for promotion once they have attained a certain level ofcredits with respect to a specific amount of credit hours. This is acrucial and positive way to motivate employees increase thelikelihood and interest for them to attend customer service training(Evenson, 2011). Also, this willhelp the employees feel appreciated and the organization believes inthem to deliver and work towards achieving organizational goals (Noe,2010).&nbsp


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