How to Plant a Garden essay

Howto Plant a Garden

Acommon mistake for most beginner gardeners is planting too much thanthe garden can accommodate or more than the people need. The trick insmart gardening is starting small. The following paper teaches on thegradual process of gardening, giving the processes to follow and thepriorities to put in place during the planting process.

Beforethe process of planting, it is crucial to consider the followingfactors before the planting process. Locate the garden away from anytrees and buildings, have the garden with good drainage, have thebest soil for the growth of the plants (Hengel, 38). Also, place thegarden within a convenient distance between the water sources, andprotect the garden from pests with appropriate methods.

Thegarden practices include the following steps. Prepare the piece ofland into rows before the planting season begins. The next process isensuring that you plant seeds of the recommended variety variousvegetables need double-row planting. Ensure the plants have enoughfertilizer during the initial planting periods (Bucklin-Sporer, 37).Side-dress the plants with nitrate fertilizer when they get to threeand four inches tall (Bucklin-Sporer, 75). Prune the plants that needthe pruning process such as pole beans, eggplant, tomatoes, and sweetpepper.

Waterthe plants occasionally, mulch, and regularly harvest for a continuedproduce. When the weeds and grass are quite small is the right timeto cultivate them. In addition, it is a good gardening process togrow two and more crops in a single row simultaneously and offer thecrops with appropriate pest control methods (Grant, 45). Mostvegetables need two plantings to ensure a continuous production.

In conclusion, it is a recommendation for starter gardeners topractice crop rotation. Crop rotation ensures that no crop is plantedin a single garden for two consequent gardening seasons. The methodreduces the likelihood of occurrence of plant diseases, and therotation should be by crop family rather than individual vegetablestrains. The harvesting process should be when the crops are fullyripe and at the peak of their freshness.


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