How to Make an Essay Longer without Losing Its Sense

Many students face this problem. Whatever they write, the word count of their paper is below the required limit. You know such crazy papers, don’t you? Those that require the minimum number of words to be rated? And this requirement can make any writing process a real nightmare. You might be trying and trying to expand your ideas and thoughts, but in the end, you might stay with a completely senseless writing piece, without logic and structure. That’s why some people prefer just submitting the paper as it is, instead of adding more information to it. So, how to make an essay longer without losing its sense and damaging its structure? It is easier to do when you are still writing, and it is already possible to see that the word count is too low. Then, you just add some words or some paragraphs. More citations are a solution, as well. However, if you have a ready paper and don’t have any idea about what else to add, but the required word count is still not reached, then, you will have to make more efforts to fix that issue. You will have to read it all again and insert some phrases or words. But it is still possible to fix it.

Tips to Make an Essay Longer: Get the Needed Word Count without Losing the Essay Structure

There are particular ways to increase the word count till the needed limit. Let us check the options for two cases: your paper is already written, but you have to make it longer; you are still in the process of writing, but you can already see that you need to make it longer.

Tricks to Make an Essay Longer: after the Paper Completion and during the Writing Process

It is always easier to handle the word count when you are still writing. However, everything depends as well on whether you have just started the paper, or you have written a significant part of it. For all these versions the tips are the same. But you should understand, that, the more text you have, the more complicated it will be for you to make it longer. However, here we go, or tips on how to make your paper longer: Check additional sources, and they will help you to find some more ideas to develop your topic. If you succeed, you can just add some paragraphs and discuss them, based on the new ideas. It is okay if you add more information that you haven’t been planning to add initially. You have to find the best solution, and these are the options:

  • Add more graphs and the statistical result if you use them.
  • Make your paragraphs bigger by using citations. Yes, they are a headache, but they can be really helpful.
  • Add personal stories and anecdotes, funny stories.
  • Be more detailed in your descriptions.

And what to do if your paper is already written, and you have discovered that a couple of hundreds of words need to be added? That is connected with more work because you will need to re-read the entire paper and change some things, and these tricks to make an essay longer will help you:

  • Don’t use contractions, use the full words. For example, replace “it`s” with “it is,” and similar.
  • What about spelling out the numbers? For example, “two thousand eighteen” is definitely longer than 2018.
  • Mention persons instead of pronouns. For example, what about writing “Ann and Jane” instead of “they”?

Did it help you? If the paper is still too short, you need to rework some parts by applying tips that have been mentioned in the first case. These are just general tips to make an essay longer. But if they haven’t helped you too much and you still need more detailed information, we have prepared you a list of phrases that can be helpful.

Useful Phrases to Make an Essay Longer

General tips are good, but many students need some particular help. How to expand your paper? What are the particular phrases to make an essay longer? Students are usually afraid that if they write something odd, they will get a lower grade. That’s why we have selected just a couple of examples to let you understand the idea:

  • By the way;
  • What do you think about;
  • Do you really believe that;
  • Many people still trust;
  • Many people believe that.

Useful Words to Make an Essay Longer

However, phrases aren’t always enough. Then, you can add some words to make an essay longer. They will add fluency and will make your sentences more natural, as well. Here we go:

  • Basically
  • Generally
  • Following

And many other words that don’t mean too much but are so loved by students for their universality.


As you can see, there are many ways to make an essay longer. Some of them are so evident that you, probably, have been using them even without this article. However, we just wanted to make sure that we have mentioned most of them. We hope these tips will help you in the making a paper longer without writing some senseless and crazy stuff.