How Time Has Changed Things essay

Time and tide wait for no man, as they say. People cannot stop the passing of time and therefore they should not delay doing things. We should never be tired of saying good words to people who we love. Time changes things and places. One day we can lose those who we love. There is one place in New York that has been changed dramatically. Now this particular place that was so familiar to many Americans looks totally different. The neighborhood is still the same but there is something missing from the scenery.

The two towers of the World Trade Center and the gap left between the skyscrapers’ landscape of Manhattan make a contrast that shocks many people, including myself. The two giants that attracted the eyes of tourists now are absent from the sight. To understand this change you should have seen this place before and now. Before 11-th of September, you could take pictures standing on the top of one of the towers. You could buy everything you want in the trade center.

Many movies showed the twin towers in some episodes. Now when I come close to this place or when I see it on television, some bitter feeling rises inside of me. This bitter feeling is the feeling of loss. The whole nation has lost something that can never be found again. We have lost not only the World Trade Center but also we have lost our confidence. I do not believe that building new twin towers will restore that feeling. The new building will never be the same.

The place now will never be as popular as it was before the tragedy. Change is inevitable in our life. The places change and people also change. We all are growing old and we all are changing. Nevertheless, there is something that time and tide cannot change – our memories. The people who we love and the places changed in the course of time will stay in our memories until the last day. I believe that the picture of two twin towers of the World Trade Center and the sun setting behind them will stay in me forever.