How my experiences as a counselor relate to my ultimate desire to be a teacher essay

Becoming a teacher has always been one of my greatest dreams. I have always imagined myself in this role: how I open the future to kids and guide them carefully on their road to the adult life. This way, I can be the first one to give knowledge to future scientists who would present our country in international conferences, or future top government officials, or famous writers and architects. It is very possible that without my help, they would never have a chance to become famous. There can be nothing better for me than helping children to develop their skills, obtain new knowledge of subjects.

Right now, I am a school counselor. Even though I did not have a chance to work as a real teacher yet, my experience as a school counselor has shaped my personality greatly, and contributed to my desire to become a teacher even more. When working as a counselor, I see happy or sad faces of kids every day. Very often they are joyful about things which happened to them recently, but every now and then it is me who helps them to overcome those problems which they have. I help them because I know that they are our future Einsteins and Trumps.

They are the ones who will make our country more and more prosperous in future. A counselor plays a very important role in students’ lives. Many of our former students came to me and thanked me for helping them to make good choices in their careers. I will be a very good teacher in future because, while working as a counselor, I have learned to do many things for children. I help them to develop their personalities, prevent violence among them, and help children going through child abuse and those witnessing family conflicts, as well as give useful advice concerning the choice of future career.

I want to keep working with children in future because there is nothing better than being a part of their success and knowing that I made a great contribution into the economy of our country. Subtopic 2: the role of counselors in the formation of children’s personalities. Every single day I deal with children who have completely different backgrounds. They have a different color of skin, come from different families, and have very different interests. It is often very difficult for me to find an approach to all of them, but it is my duty. I need to help each and every one as much as possible, and open a path to the happy future for them.

Probably the most difficult issue with which I have to deal every day is trying to shape the kids’ personalities. It might seem an impossible task to most people, and they will say it is even useless. Every kid has his own personality and nothing much can be done about it. However, my experience proves the opposite. I am very proud of myself for making some super lazy students into one of the top students in the class. It was not easy for me to make such a great change in their personalities. I tried to inspire them and make them realize how wonderful the world of knowledge was.

They still do not like some subjects; however they got absolutely crazy about others. Alan Brown was considered one of the worst students in the class for many years. Now he got extremely interested in maths, and he is at the top of the class. He never thought he had skills in it until I forced him to study. Now he learned to study hard and I bet he will be very successful in life. Gifted children do need somebody to guide them in the right direction, and that is what I am doing all the time. Subtopic 3: violence among youth prevention. From time to time I have to witness situations in which students show too much violence.

Their parents have not managed to tell them in the past that violence can never be accepted, and now other children have to suffer from that. I do my best to talk to those kids who offend others and make them realize that violence is not the way to show their superiority. They could be much more praised by winning a competition in swimming than by beating up kids who are weaker than they are. Sometimes, my words actually reach these children’s hearts. I get very happy when I know it was me who helped them to overcome their evil side of personality.

Afterall, I need to make sure that we have as few as possible violent people in the country. I cannot help the children all over the United States, but I can help those few whom I am in charge of. Subtopic 4: the role of counselors in family values retention. What actually hurts me very much these days, is the problems which children have to face at home. Almost every day I get to hear a sad story from one of the kids- how their parents are quarreling, how the parents are getting divorced, how parents work too much, or how the child suffers because he or she has always lived in a single-parent family.

There is nothing much what I can do about their family situation. However, there is a lot I am trying to do to make the child hope for the happy future. I try to make the kids understand that their parents love them no matter what, even if sometimes they cannot show that love as much as they would like to. They have to work extra hours sometimes, but this is because they want to buy nice new clothes and other things to the children. Subtopic 5: the role of counselors in coping with child abuse consequences. I cannot say that I have come across too many cases of child abuse in my practice of working as a counselor.

However, those few times when I saw kids going through that were very painful for me. The worst part was that the children who went through abuse often thought that they did something bad and deserved the attitude. It took me a long time to convince them that they did not deserve it and did not have to keep going through abuse again and again. I went to talk to the parents of these children. I also helped the children to overcome the consequences of abuse. They are forever grateful to me for helping them. Subtopic 6: the choice of future career for students.

As a part of my job, I play an important role in helping children to choose their future career. Even though many children have parents who are able to guide them in the right direction and give advice about future career, some children are not that lucky. Their parents did not attend college themselves and cannot give them any suggestions about further education. I try to do my best to help these kids. I make sure that they choose all of the subjects which they would need in college. I also pay attention to the abilities which children have in order to make the best choice of college for them.

Sometimes, it is hard for us to determine what university would be the best for the student because he or she has very good knowledge in many areas. In such a case, we make a longer research in order to make sure that the future path is chosen correctly. We also analyze the financial situation in the child’s family and make the decision about the tuition he/she would be able to pay. Reflections Subtopic 1: the role of education in the national economy. Nowadays the issue of the importance of education in the development of countries has become incredibly high.

If in the previous years this question was not discussed as much, it stands very sharply now. Every country wants to find ways to be competitive in the global market. As economies of countries get more and more integrated, it becomes difficult for them to find comparative advantages to keep a decent place in the global economy. More and more countries become powerful nowadays. It becomes more difficult for old economies like the US and European countries to fight with emerging economies of Asian countries which experience an economic boom.

In order to continue growing, they need to concentrate on the most important factors of economic growth which can be applied at present. Education offers great perspectives for their growth. There can be no better investments for countries nowadays than in education. I do my best to tell every kid I get to communicate with that there is nothing more important to study hard for him/her at this time. It is impossible to know how life will turn, but good education will provide good support in any case. One of the reasons why some countries have incredible economic growth nowadays is that they have invested many resources in education.

As long as the country has a very high intellectual potential, it will get a competitive place in the world market. Globalization dictates major changes in the development of countries. In order to remain strong, they need to update their educational system. I want to make sure I make a contribution to this process. By my work as a counselor, I make my own small contribution to the development of the United States. I have helped many children to realize how important education is in their lives, and I am planning to keep doing that in future when I become a teacher.