How Man Can Live Longer essay

It is no secret that some people live longer than others. While a small portion of the population lives a century or longer, it is possible. In the past few decades alone, life expectancy has gone up approximately twenty years on average for both males and females. Today, people in their 80s are enjoying life and hoping to live another 20 years. With current medicine, our elder population is as large as it has ever been. It is not really that hard to live a longer life. Keeping fit physically, mentally, and spiritually will help man to live longer. The first step in ensuring a long life is to remain physically fit.

Physical fitness keeps the heart and other major body organs strong, and these are essential to life and wellness. Eating organically produced foods and low amounts of fats, sugars, and other substances that are not healthy will keep the body running well. Physical exercise is also required to keep muscles strong, as they tend to wear down as a person grows older. As age sets in, a stationary bike, walking, or water exercise are low impact and healthy activities to engage in to keep the muscles from deteriorating. Visiting a doctor regularly for check ups will also help to prevent any ailments from becoming more serious.

Preventative care is often more practical and healthy than taking medicines to reduce the effects of an illness. By taking care of oneself physically, lifespan can increase. The second step in preparing for a longer life is to keep fit mentally. The brain is an essential organ in the body; it tells the rest of the body what to do. It is important that it is strong. To keep the brain strong, reading is the most practical and best exercise. It is also enjoyable. Memory exercises, board games, and crossword puzzles also help to exercise thought and encourage brain waves. Another way to stay mentally fit is to converse with others.

It is important to be able to express needs as one ages, so maintaining healthy dialog is essential in keeping communication going with family or caregivers. The emotional health of an aging person is important as well. Feeling good and important are motivating factors to keep living! Try to be around supportive and encouraging individuals. Have something to look forward to, and you will want to live for it! The final step in living a longer life is to remain spiritually healthy. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are, it is important to keep them in focus.

By reflecting on your spiritual goals and beliefs, your purpose in life will remain clear or certain. Death is easier to accept and less feared, and life can be enjoyed more fully. Those who enjoy life live longer. Having a belief also helps you to live your life in a positive way. It also allows you to correct any wrongdoings. People are living longer than ever. While no one will live to be nine hundred years like some Biblical characters, people can certainly live to one hundred years of age. Having a healthy physical life, being emotionally sound, and having spiritual health will help a person to live longer.