How Language Barrier and Peer Pressure Contribute to High Dropout Rate of Hispanic essay

In the US, there is a high dropout rate of Hispanic students as compare to Non-Hispanic students. They just walk out of the school compound without altering a word and never come back again. There are a number of reasons that make them to dropout of the school which makes them to ruin their education hence they end having a very dull future. Language and peer pressure are some of the reasons that contribute to high dropout rate among the Hispanic students in the US.

These students are not very conversant with English language hence their communication both oral and written is very poor and for this reason, they always feel out of place. Since they always stay in groups, they influence each other and this makes them to drop out of school due to peer pressure influence. In order to ensure their language will not contribute to their dropout, the teachers should ensure that, by the time they are leaving third grade, they should be in a position to read properly and at least communicate.

Bilingual education should also be encouraged which will also brings about their culture in the education system especially in schools that retained Hispanic students. This will enable them to have confidence while communicating with each other; hence they will always be feeling at home while in school. Since Hispanic students spends most of their time in school, the teacher should ensure that they instill responsible behaviors to these students and to ensure they are involved in school work to avoid them to be idol.For this case, they will not have time to form gangs which might influence deviant behaviors among them.


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