How I deal with Stress essay


How I deal withStress

In the past, I used to deal with stress by making impulse decisionsand turning to snacks and this used to haunt me later on.Paradoxically, instead of relieving the stress, the situation gotworse. Whenever I am stressed, I retreat to reading novels, watchinga movie or going for a massage. At first, it is usually hard toconcentrate on a book, especially a new one. Hence, I ensure that Ihave an Ipad that has my best songs before embarking on reading a newnovel. Upon getting momentum, I can switch off the Ipad and losemyself in the world of sociopaths and psychopaths which are theingredients I look for in a novel. I also enjoy a nice massage,particularly when I am tensed and cannot concentrate, for example,following the death of a relative or a friend. During such moments,all muscles throughout my body are usually tensed up, and thisdecreases my appetite. I enjoy a deep massage. I love a massagetherapist rubbing, stroking or just applying pressure to my muscles.Every time I walk out of a massage parlor, I always feel relaxed,more energized and having regained my urge to eat. Whenever I feelthat I need to get relieved of the stress triggered by a day’s workload, yet I cannot manage to break for a massage, I retreat towatching comedies. I am the kind of person that enjoys reading gothicnovels, but will never watch their adoption into a film. Instead, Iprefer escaping into the world of sarcasm and ironic conversationsand before completing an episode, I usually find myself at a pointwhere I cannot recall what had left me so stressed.