How can I serve my teen peers today? essay

We, the young people, are considered to be the future of our nation. The nation’s future depends on us; thus, the promising tomorrow of our nation is at stake if most of us are in the wrong track. It is been an issue nowadays how young people behave and uphold our morals and values. It is a fact, too, that young ones are easily influenced by the deteriorating morals of our society.

We immediately absorb and follow the pattern of this world especially that most of us are paying no respect to authorities and many others that would lead us into destruction. As a young person, I know I can make a big difference and influence my age group by setting myself as an example by studying my lessons very well and live what I preach. I will encourage them by telling that we only live once, so we must live life to the fullest by making it right and be fruitful.

I will let them know that giving respect to the authority of our parents and others will bring blessings. Making them realize, too, how really important education is because it is the only wealth that we can inherit from our parents that cannot be stolen. Moreover, I will let them understand that we are accountable with our actions and whether it is good or bad, there are always consequences to face. I know these things are difficult to carry out but we have to be courageous enough in order to be successful in life.

There are many voices out there that try to mislead and pull us up yet we can carry it through if we determined in our hearts that we can live a better place by doing things correctly as early as now before it is too late to start. Yes, everything in this world is permissible but not everything is beneficial and constructive. The world always approves and it never says no because it intends to gratify the worldly pleasures in life; thus, we should be wise enough to discern what is good for us.