How Are Hotels Organized? essay

Hotels are mainly establishment who accommodates people who needs housing due to traveling reason and those who are searching for temporary residence. Since they establishments are known for accommodating large amount of customer, it generally requires basic organization techniques to better serve their visitors. Thus, hotels mainly used the organization method of distributing its necessary works into different sections for cooperation and monitoring purposes. One of the main divisions for hotel organization is the revenue center and the cost center.

Revenue centers are sectors that involved managing the financial resources and income of the establishment. This division is mainly comprised of accounting and managerial sectors. The cost center handles the expenses and the necessary funds such as petty cash for its distribution to address the different cost accumulated in the course of the business cycle. Among the many divisions of hotel management, the food-and-beverage department accumulates most of the income because they address one of the necessities of the hotel guest and because their services are not yet included in the guest main expenses.

However, this concept is not actually applicable to one form of hotel, which are those that include the food expenses to the accommodation cost. The Front desk representative is also one department in the hotel organization. Its main tasks include organizing the room allocation, welcoming guest, and addressing their basic inquiries, In addition, they handle telephone communication management. The housekeeping department also plays an important part in hotel organization.

This department is mainly divided into certain parts such as room maintenance for beddings, utility sector, cleaning department, and delivery service for elegant hotels. In some cases, food-and-beverage divisions sometimes accumulate more expenses over its income thus they tend to lose revenue. One scenario that accounts for this idea is that most customers take advantage of this department’s promotion such as buffet. Another reason is when the hotel establishment is experiencing low season thus the food-and-beverage department experience many spoilage and expiration of products thus further expanding their cost and expenses.

Thus, hotel management is mainly done is systematic process of distributing and organizing the necessary jobs and services into different departments to ensure the proficiency of the establishment’s business cycle. In this management technique, every division plays an important role and its tasks are valuable aspect contributing to the general service of the establishment.


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