How an Amerindian would have viewed American Revolution essay

Howan Amerindian would have viewed American Revolution

Howan Amerindian would have viewed American Revolution

AnAmerindian would have a sour reservation regarding the level ofAmerican Revolution that was taking place during the early stages ofthe formation of the country. The attitude would most likely stemfrom the fact that the Amerindians felt that their space was evadedby foreigners at the expense of the local people (Washburn,2016).As a result, people from the different tribes forming up the largerAmerindians would not view the birth of the new nation as a positivedevelopment.

Thereare several reasons why people from the Amerindian tribes would bequite against the developments that were taking place in the country(Nash,2006).One of them is the mere fact that the population of the Britishcolonialists was greatly increasing in the country as they exploredand opened up the Northern and coastal parts of America (Washburn,2016).This situation meant that the Amerindians would not be able to fightoff the insurgents that had come and settled in the country. Theproblem was, for a significant part, compounded by the mere fact thatthe European settlers in the region had more sophisticated artillerywhich enables them to win any war easily.

TheAmerindian tribes were also concerned about their independent status.With the kind of transformation that was taking place in the newnation, this meant that they would need to depend on the Europeans.The Europeans appeared to be well placed as they were the onesspearheading the different developments taking place around. As aresult, it would only be a matter of time before the Amerindianpeople would become subjects to the foreigners.


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