How African American and Native American exploitation and experience in the West essay

HowAfrican American and Native American exploitation and experience inthe West

TheNative and African American civilizations suffered greatly under theleadership of the Americans (whites). On numerous occasions, the twodescents were treated inhumanely and subjected to conditions that arenot ideal for human living. Although the two races eventually brokeaway from the shackles of slavery and exploitation, their experienceswere horrifying. The proceeding discussion reveals how AfricanAmerican and Native American exploitation and experience in the West.

Beforethe invasion, the Native Americans led happy and contented lives. Thechildren used to play, and the adults cater to the various needs oftheir families. When the whites invaded their lands, the natives wereforced to move unceremoniously and without their consent. The whitesoldiers held the families of the natives at gunpoint and destroyedtheir property, before rounding them all up and leading them to aforeign land. On the trail to their destination, the natives werebundled in stockades like livestock. Most of them died due to thechilly and inhumane conditions that they were exposed to. The whitesettlers moved into the areas where the natives lived. The Indianswere moved to the West, where the Western Cherokees lived. The newsthat they (natives) were being moved to create room for the whiteswas rather disheartening thus, developing in them a strong sense ofhate for the white community.

Onthe larger farms, where the African-Americans labored, overseers anddrivers ensured yields did not fall, and that all workers toiledtirelessly. However, the means used to achieve this end was wanting.The overseers acted in ways that can only be termed as cruel, brutal,and heartless. They were equipped with various weapons. For instance,they used dogs to overhaul workers who took to their heels. Suchoccurrences were usual, where workers (African-Americans) felt sick,unable to maintain their row, or could not endure the wrath of thewhip. The pistols were used to neutralize emergencies, because theworkers, sometimes, turned to their masters when they could no longerbear the suffering that they were subjected to. Also, there were&quotdrivers.&quot These were blacks who enjoyed more privilegesthan their counterparts. However, there was a caveat: they had to beas ruthless as their overseers. If the drivers did not use the whipas required, it was used to punish them.

Withtime, the Native Americans and African-Americans began forming closeties. The natives would offer refuge to the escaped African-Americans(slaves), in spite of the restrictions imposed by the US government.The US government warned the natives that they would lose theirtribal status if they harbored escaped African slaves. Nevertheless,intermarriages between the two races occurred, resulting in &quotmixed&quotraces. Today, Native Americans and African-Americans have succeededin breaking the ties of slavery and increasing their incomes andwealth through new economic and development initiatives.

Inconclusion, the Native Americans and African-Americans sufferedimmensely under the rule of the whites. The white settlers took theland of the natives and used the blacks to cultivate these lands.However, the natives and blacks, gradually, began forming ties thatled to the formation of a new community. Today, the two races havemanaged to break away from the ties of slavery to amass wealth andbetter lifestyles.