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Many people are having trouble interpreting the Bible because there are different literary syntaxes that catch the laymen reader off guard. Modern scholars believe that the Bible is missing many books from the original and it causes more problems for the younger generations trying to understand its depth. Though the problem continues to arise, there can be more thorough understanding through single interpretations from their own readings.

For instance, the Catholics are having a problem teaching the gospels to their congregation because everyone feels there are missing pieces. This kind of mistrusts could create an issue in the scholar’s forums when they talk about God’s position and the people He used to explain the gospels. The text criticism confuses many readers because people take it at face value. The best part of all of this is that the readers can believe or not believe as feel obligated to.

More time can be invested in the research of the scriptures instead of the practice of skepticism. According to research, more people are reading the Bible to find answers to their daily lives but they are not instilling these values. What good is that to the community? The more information we consume as a whole, the better choices we are to make in our lives. Some of the readers or researches are reflecting on the pessimistic view of the text criticisms, but they are not enforcing or displaying a different behavior to follow through in their beliefs.

The form criticism confuses readers because they are not following the literary analysis or using literary analysis tools to justify their interpretations of the writings. For example, some consider the poetic form of the Bible a heavily understood portion such as Psalms but they do not take the scriptures at face value. The readers are responsible for the behaviors they exhibit through their understandings – not the church.

Due to the mistrust arising in the Catholic society, there may be more free believers that do not want to follow the Bible’s instructions or concentrate on those ‘sacred texts’. The world as developed a different attitude than what other Saints experienced in the previous centuries. Some of the best scriptures have been cut, chopped, and skewed the position itself in a better light for curious souls. Priests and other clergy are trying their best to open the hearts and minds of curious followers in order to better their understanding of the Bible.

There are numerous opportunities for the people to fill in the missing pieces of their understanding by analyzing the texts with literary tools. Sunday school teachers should teach the students or integrate lessons to help new readers understand the complexity in a simpler way. Most of the problems that are acknowledged include the misinterpretation of the texts face value, the literary styles, and the person’s complete understanding. If there can be a better outcome, there can be a better revelation of the Bible’s impact on the future generations.