How 9/11 Changed My Life essay

The September 11 incident came as a shock to every soul living in the United States. And along with this episode came the realization that our nation, the good, powerful, and strong America, had fallen prey into the hands of mindless terrorist groups who have no better aim than to serve their selfish goals. And because of the 9/11 attacks, a lot of people, including me, hand gone through a certain transformation both in mind and in spirit.

The incident had taught me to take courage and strengthen my affirmation as an American citizen and be one with the innocent others who became helpless victims of the attacks. The incident had also opened my mind to the understanding that there are people who have the capability to take lives purposelessly. It had made me aware that there could be terrorist groups in our midst that are ready to pounce anytime if we don’t do anything about it. And even if I am not a person of power or authority, I know that I can do my share to prevent this incident from happening again.

I have developed a personal sense of urgency to show lawmakers and all other people in the government the need to inform and protect other people within my community in my own little way. I became more vigilant with my surroundings and ceased to be indifferent to the world I am living on. I stopped caring for myself alone and started to feel for others. More than anything, the September bombing had united the whole American nation to move as one. Every person living in all corners America, from east to west, the white, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians, had subconsciously reaffirmed their nationality.

After the attack, there was absolutely nothing to hold back every American from joining hands and bonding with each other in a certain level that was never achieved before. The 9/11 attacks had definitely changed me into a better American citizen. Although my roots could be traced from an entirely different nation being Hispanic and that I might not be in New York City when the incident happened, the incident it made me realize my individual worth and my dignity as an American. And my renewed social involvement is a solid proof that I am very proud to be American.