Honersty Is The Best Policy essay

In life there are ways to live that would attract the attention of others and help from heaven. Not many find these pathways, and so only such get to the pinnacle of their profession of simply become fulfilled in life. In life also, there are habits to adopt that would not spell good for the individual or group; such are paths of immoralities and inconsistency. I have found out that honesty is one of beautiful qualities one can adopt to live a fulfilled and peaceful life in this age of turmoil and theft. Honesty is the quality of being true to oneself, being fair and truthful.

It is the quality of being sincere, even when it is a difficult. THE STORY On a particular occasion, we were planning to register a group in college dedicated to the improvement of young people. It was designed to educate and enlighten them on the opportunities of good living and right choices of relationships and careers. We discovered that the challenge at hand would be to register the group before we can begin work within the school, or use some venues for meetings and programs. Having written the philosophy of the club, its aim and objectives, we set out to know the requirements for registration.

With this registration, we would be allowed to use college facilities for programs, employ non-teaching staff during outings and also invite principal officers of the institution during major programs of the club. It would also give us leverage outside as a registered group, and we would be able to solicit support from private and public corporations in the nation. We were convinced it was very important for us to register, having considered these facts. We sent to the division of student and public affairs of the school that deals with staff activities.

We got the information on the specific requirements to have before the group can be registered. We notified members of staff about the aims and character of the group, and some of them believed in the dream. They were ready to assist us for registration, as staff advisers. That was the first victory we had. But there was a bigger hurdle. We needed a bank account with a substantial amount of money. It was very difficult to gather the money within the deadline for the registration. But we had the option of using one of our member’s parent accounts, which could have helped us. Some groups have adopted same mechanism and went away with it.

After much intensive efforts at raising funds within ourselves, we raised close to the amount and agreed to use that to open the account, and send it with other requirements for registration. That we did. We submitted our application, explaining our inability to meet the required target and the efforts we had put into generating the available funds. And we awaited a favorable response. Actually, some of us taught our application would not be considered at all for not fulfilling what was considered ‘the number requirement’ at that time. It took a long time for the school to consider the applications sent to the division.

The outcome was out. And to out utmost surprise, we were chosen and listed number one on the association. Many people had approached some members and congratulated. Some even asked how we did it, possibly we knew some of the panelists that decided on the registration. More than the outcome of the application, we were taken aback by the content of the letter which reads: ‘In response to your application for registration of your group, we acknowledge the dream, its philosophy and objectives and especially the level of honesty with which you presented your financial status.

On this basis, the group is hereby registered. Attached to this reply is the certificate of registration…’ From that we all learnt our lessons. In fact, honesty is regarded in the group as ‘the best policy’; it is cardinal to our interactions within and outside the school. HOW TO ACHIEVE IT Honesty is just like every habit that can be developed in bits. It is the ability to stay true to oneself and others. First, it is important to know ones weakness and abilities; this still requires a bit of honesty but that’s where to start. Be true from the beginning; know what you can do and what you can not.

This prevents identity crisis, and makes human relationships with others easier. With this, you have commenced at home. And by extension, it would be easier to extend this honesty to family relations, friends and even work. I sincerely believe that those who are sincere with them selves love themselves; it is the same people that can love others. This I consistent with the saying that: you cant give what you don’t have. This implies that you can be honest with others unless you start with yourself. Know your limits: that’s the beginning.