Homer The Odyssey essay

In the fifth book of “The Odyssey” Minerva persuaded Jove to send Mercury to Calypso with a message. Gods decide that Ulysses should leave Calypso’s island and go back to his country.

The nymph, who is desperately in love with Ulysses, tries to make him stay, though she knows she can not confront Jove’s will. Despite her sadness and pity, Calypso asks him whether he is going to leave her at once and wishes him good luck on his way home. But she also warns him that he will have to get over a lot of difficulties and sufferings along the way. She tells him that if he only knew what would happen, he would stay.

Secretly, she is still hoping he will choose her. She contrasts the difficulties of the way home with the calm and happy life on her island, in her house. If he decides to stay, Calypso promises to make him immortal. She also compares herself to Ulysses’ mortal wife, who is certainly “less tall and well-looking” than the Goddess.

She puts to the test his determination and desire to go back home to his people and family but loses, because Ulysses want nothing else than that. He is even ready to face the death, if it is his destiny, but still try to make his way home.