Home Internet Connection essay

Since last one decade, many Internet Service Provider companies have sprung into existence and now compete massively for customers with every day some new plan to attract. In addition, practically all the old telephone companies have entered into the ISP market, either directly or in association with other companies. Due to the dramatic increase in competition, it has become increasingly important for ISPs to run an efficient and cost-effective business.

This also enabled numerous types of internet connectivity and choice for the subscribers to select as per need. These days, mainly six types of Internet connectivity are more popular. These are Dial up connection 56 Kbps, ISDN, DSL, Broadband (256 Kbps or more) and Wireless connection of CDMA or GSM network. I am using broad band connection with an upload or down load (data) speed of 256 Kbps and more at home. In addition to this I have option of to use two types of dial up connections too.

All this is available on single pair land line telephone connection. I can use Broad band internet connection and telephone for voice or dial up Internet connection simultaneously. Almost all the major ISPs are providing this type of connection these days. The hardware devices used for broad band connection is a splitter, Modem and Laptop or Desk top computer with internal modem. The connection between modem to computer can be either through cable (USB or LAN) or wireless up to 100 metres approximately.

We have option to connect 7 or14 computers by using an 8 port or 16 ports Hub or switch after Broad band modem. The other connectivity from splitter is used for voice or dial up Internet connection. I have chosen AT&T for getting above Internet connection because we never know when small ISPs may close down their shutters. More over the advantage of this broad band connection is that I am always connected and it is less expensive. Use of just a single telephone line provides three types of services.

ISPs provide one ADSL Modem/Router as an interface between my computer and their network. This is installed near to the home computer. My computer has all the three types of facility to connect to ADSL Modem/Router. These are LAN card for Ethernet port, USB port and Wireless modem for wireless connectivity. Over and above dial up internal modem is also there for dial up connection. In present market most of the Lap Tops are coming with all these facilities.


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