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HolisticProfessional Nursing

HolisticProfessional Nursing

Detroithas had several cases of lead poisoning in the past couple of years.These cases are commonly linked to water supplied by the countycouncils. Research done, however, indicated that the water in Detroithas been tested a couple of times before being distributed andtherefore, does not contain the lead. However, it could be present inthe pipes that are made of lead or in the house paints of varioushomes. By use of a sample selected from children, it is easy to studythe impact of lead on these kids and to apply the action plan aimedat reducing the number of lead poisoning cases in the state. InDetroit, most reported cases of lead poisoning are in children thusare most vulnerable of the effects of lead hence they become the bestsample to use in the study. The sample comprises of ten childrenpicked randomly to avoid bias.

Thisaction plan aims at driving awareness of effects of the lead to thechildren in this state. The selected group of children go through arecuperation process that will help them regain good health. A teamof volunteers recruited will form part of the awareness campaignagainst the lead poisoning. The volunteers are then equipped with thenecessary information, such as the causes and the symptoms of leadpoisoning in children. Information published in form of brochures arevital to help get information across the state. The causes of leadpoisoning include water distributed in lead pipes, paint or even soilcontaining some volumes of lead. Some of the notable symptoms inchildren include slow body growth and slow learning in class due tothe effects of lead on their brains (King et al. 2007). Otherresources that are of essence to this study include having healthprofessionals to help in the recovery process of the selected group.

Theaction plan for this study encompasses educating the society on theneed to understand lead poisoning and its causes. The educatingprocess will take place in schools, homes, and medical institutionsto reach as many people as possible. The process will run within atimeframe of one month and in three days per week. In the variousoutlets of reaching out to people, giving comprehensive informationto the individuals in the society is paramount. Educating people maynot help tackle the already existing cases of poisoning, but it mayreduce the increase in such poisoning instances (Packard 2004). Afterthe given period then the society will be more concerned about theirexposure to lead.

Thepeople of Detroit once made aware they can avoid the things thatenhance lead poisoning in children. Some of the expected results thusare, through the government’s efforts to restrict the use ofmaterials that contain lead such as paint then the number of caseswill drastically change in the next five years. These action plansthus become a good measure to drive the society to ensure childrenhave a healthy life, and they can grow normally. With the abolitionof the use of risky materials then lead poisoning, cases in Detroitwill be forgotten.


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