Holistic nursing Implementation of The Care Plan essay


Holisticnursing: Implementation of The Care Plan

Holisticnursing: implementation of the care plan

Toimplement the plan, I have identified six individuals who I feel willbenefit from the developed program. Three of them were picked by thepresence of the two health risks in their families while the othertwo werepickedby the type of lifestyle they have. I feel that by reaching out andhelping the selected individuals the change in them will helpmotivate the rest of the community to make an effort in detecting andtreating the identified health risk and changing their lifestyles.The small group will aid in ensuring that the plan is effectiveenough even for a bigger group and that every participant is giventhe attention and help required. The selection will beguidedby various medical records from different institutions and researchon the lifestyle ofvarious individuals inthe community.

Forthe group there will need to be education on the identified healthrisks, screening for these issues and help in changing theirlifestyles. First educating the individuals on the health risks willgive them a picture of exactly what we will be dealing with and allthe issues that surround these health risks. They will also identifysome symptoms or warning signs of the condition which they had notfound before. The screening will help in finding out if any of themare at risk of the issues or if they are already at a given stage ofthe condition and need to start treatment. A change in lifestyle willaid in ensuring that the individuals can prevent these diseases fromliving healthy and participating in different exercise activities.All these plans will help in making sure that the conditions can betreatedor prevented.

Atthe assessment phase, two major illnesses were identified. Theseconditions had the highest mortality rates, and their rates were alsohigh in the community. The plan was therefore developed and tailoredto meet the demands brought about by the two conditions. The diseaseswere cancer and heart disease, and they needed immediate attention tohelp reduce their prevalence in the community. The developed planwill, therefore, be effective in dealing with the two conditions. Theindividuals who wereidentifiedare at the risk of getting these conditions and by exposing them tothe plan they can prevent the conditions or even treat them at theearly stages in the case that they were detected.

Whenthe plan isimplementedthe prevalence and mortality rates of the conditions are expected toreduce in the community. There will also be an awareness concerningthe diseases among the members of the community. Many of them will gofor early screening for early detection of the conditions. There willalso be a difference in the type of lifestyles conducted by theseindividuals, and people will start living healthy. Through the sixpersonswho are identified and educated, the necessary information concerningthe illnesses will reach the whole community. The intervention willbeputin place in phases. First, there will be an identification of theneeded resources and individuals or corporations to aid in making theplan successful.

Thehealthcare institutions and healthcare practitioners in the area orbeyond will play a significant role in the healthcare plan (Vincentet al. 2000). Educational materials like booklets will be needed toaid in putting the plan into action. The program will also involvethe help of individuals who have survived different types of cancersand those who are managing heart conditions. Through sharing theirexperiences, they will show the individuals how to deal with thediseases. It will also involve the help of volunteers who will aid inputting the plan in place. The program will begin with educating thegroup on the diseases. Education will make it easy for them toidentify the severity of the illnesses and the need to deal withthem. Then the individuals will be required to go forscreeningto determine their risk levels to the conditions or if they arealready affected. For those affected, treatment will be recommendedand for those not affectedprevention strategies will begivento them. Then there will be a check on the lifestyles of theseindividuals and help them identify how they can change them and startliving healthy. There will be information on what entails a healthylifestyle and how to go about it.

Allthe involved parties will begivendirections on how the plan will be expected to take place. Everyindividual or corporation will have a role to play in the project,and all will be expected to deliver what is required. There will be aschedule on how the plan will take place and every individual will bemeeting for an update on how the process is going. The program willtake approximately two months to ensure that every art of the plan isimplemented,and the results are as expected. The plan will be in phases, and eachface will have to be finished and fruitful to move to the next one.The plan will then beimplementedafter every individual is conversant with the role they are supposedto play.


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