Holistic nursing essay



Healthpromotion can be viewed as a process and or the efforts that are madeby the government or people within the community to improve thehealth of the people and to equip them with the power to controltheir health status (Abbott, 2015). Health promotion can occur at thecommunity level and at the individual level. The government and thehealth promotion organizations have the responsibility to educate thecommunities and individuals on how to improve their health.

Obesityand overweight were identified as some of the health issues affectingpeople at Springfield PA. In order to promote health for the peoplein this township, it is essential to have health promotion programsboth at the community level and at the individual level. It isessential to educate the people at a community level regarding thevarious ways and tactics they can use to enhance their health(Abbott, 2015). It is critical to note that there are some people whowill not be reached by the health promotion programs at the communitylevel. This calls for the health promotion programs to reach theindividuals. Identified health promotion nurses can be appointed toeducate the individuals especially the elderly with obesity fromtheir homes.

Thepeople from Springfield PA township who might be suffering fromobesity can be assembled in halls for the health promotion programs.The patients can be educated on the various ways that they canimprove and take control of their health (Abbott, 2015). Theinformation they are provided with will range from healthy diet toexercise. It is essential to note that the people who are reached atthe individual leave are provided with similar information for thepromotion of their health.


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