Holistic and Alternative Methods essay

Holisticand Alternative Methods

Holisticand Alternative Methods

TheFive Pillars and Aggregates

Holisticmethods refer to systems that seek the well-being usingnon-conventional medicine by integrating mind, body, and spirit intheir therapy. On the other hand, alternative methods involvetraditional methods other than the conventional western methods toimprove well-being. Nursing is a practice discipline that is guidedby the five pillars conceptualized in the College of NursingPhilosophy, which is founded on humanism. These pillars are caring,professionalism, communication, critical thinking, and holism.Humanism emphasizes the importance of humans and the rational methodsof solving these problems without involving supernatural powers.

Indealing with an aggregate or community, communication remains themost important of the five pillars. The interactions that arerequired between a practicing nurse and the community involveeffective communication. In ensuring trust and positive outcomes areachieved, ideas and information need to be exchanged by maintainingsound communication with the community or its aggregates making itintegral to the nurse-patient relationship (Raya, 2006).

Nursingas a discipline serves the needs of bio-psychosocial and spiritualbeings and thus requires excellent interpersonal and communicationskills apart from the knowledge acquired in clinical work. Inachieving this objective, the nursing practitioner must engagedialogue through specific verbal communication with the community.Appropriate nursing diagnosis involves the patients relaying theirconcerns through communication. Therefore, in my opinion, effectivecommunication is the most important pillar of the nursing philosophysince it entails the understanding of the patients’ experiences. Inaddition, it helps the nurse to be understood and accepted by theaggregate or the community at large. The nurse engages therapeuticcommunication techniques that help the patient to make a difficultdecision regarding health behaviors, thereby aiding the nurse tovalue the rights of the patient as well their significant. Thisensures the success of therapeutic practice without necessarilycompromising other tenets of nursing philosophy, that is, care,professionalism, critical thinking, and holism.


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