History of the American West essay

According to folklorists, liars in America like using words like God Forbid or even claim that what they said was based on a myth. This is what journalists call falsehood. People give different stories about what had effect on the American environment. The environment may not be polluted but it has its own flaws. The environment is what determines changes in the weather patterns. Weather patterns in particular country determine farming of economic goods, which translate into country’s Gross Domestic Product. Dessert environment is found in the South West USA.

This prevents rainfall. Rainwater is source of basic needs of life. The American Government at the time has look for sources from another part soft the country in order to support plant life and for domestic uses. Evaporation rate is also high than the rainfall and this leads to extremely dry conditions. Location of Desserts has evolved through out the geology due to continental drift and uplifting of mountains ranges. With the current need of timer for use this has lead to deforestation making the dessert condition worse. There are three deserts in Basin and Range province.

This affects plant life and trees are known for attracting clouds, which enable rainfall. There has a biopiracy dispute for the Neema tree. This tree is good for pesticides, spemicides and the making of toothbrushes. Pattents for the Neema tree are still in dispute between America and Asia at the moment. Therefore America today cannot carry out research to improve on the species of this particular species, which is major economic value to the country. This is a continuing strive by the American Government to reclaim what is believed to be hers. So triumph is still to be case over America’s resources.

The environment is cheese-making areas has greatly affected the factor inputs for the manufacturing and this has greatly affected the returns to the companies and to the America country. The History of American women is not admirable. Their success cannot be considered as a triumph one. Some of the women were war veterans. They had to have a carrier in the army in order to earn a living. Being war veterans was considered as something for the men. Women participation was not a good thing because some of them lost their lives and suffered a lot during the war with the British.

Deborah Samson can give her encounter during the war. She had to sacrifice a lot for the nation to gain full independence over its territory. Being in the war lead to broken relations with their husbands/families. During the war these women could be raped or even mistreated by their colleagues leading to bastards. Their opponents could kidnap women and this was not a good experience for these American citizens. In America at the women single parents denying them a chance to have fathers have brought up many children.

Divorces are normally surrounding financial issues where a man is not able to support the family and the burden is left to the mothers who have got to answer questions from their children about their fathers. The story of women veterans tell how employment was biased and the males where given a priority leaving women suffering because they needed income to earn a living due to the high standards of living at the time. Women at times could get married for the sake of a companion and this was not a detailed search for a husband. They therefore regretted later due to the suffering they went through.

Interface marriages also occurred which was not something admirable at the time. Some of the women living in America now were immigrant who had come to fight in the war and after the war was over they settled in the country. They were therefore exposed to cultural differences, which is the case now because most Black American women feel misplaced. In America a group of people may be considered as minority if they are a smaller number or part of the wider society. Americans believe that for someone to be recognizes he/she should be doing something noticeable and beneficial to the wider society and the country.

So money is always a factor for somebody’s recognition. Some people may be poor unintentionally. This can be due to lack of finances to start a business or may be lack of employment. American people also believe that some one should struggle for his/her success. Some people have been disadvantaged from the beginning may be due to the fact that their parents wearer immigrants in America and may be did not equal opportunities. They therefore did not have money to acquire adequate education and may be lacking employment due to lack of qualifications.

These people settle for blue-collar jobs where they may be not earning enough to live like the rest of the Americans. The issue of racism has also been determining the marginalisation of the minority group. Priorities are given to the whites and the Blacks in America are disadvantaged. They only do the jobs that the whites are ready to do and this has lead to a lot of struggle to earn a living. Social classes in America are based on how of the dollar that someone has. Americans are looking for friends that they can learn or benefit from. This shows the continued fight that has still not been won.

So there is no triumph for some people. People with more money live in expensive cities like New York and Washington. People can therefore interact with their immediate neighbors. Standards of living in different states /cities differ. Only those with high incomes can afford to live in such cities. The gap between the rich and the poor is very high however people don’t mind about others but they don’t soak themselves but instead struggle e for their success. This difference between the rich and the poor also illustrates how American citizens are still struggling and life has not been easy even after the war with Britain.

The American culture of minding about your own business has also worsened the issue of classes. Restaurants and entertainment centers in different cities cost different. Those who go to the same social areas get to interact and form social networks. They therefore keep to themselves and are not concerned about other social groups. Racism has also affected the question of social classes because whites tend to be close to other white s or with those they share culture with. Social classes are also based on carriers where people tend to associate with those that they share a profession with.

Social meetings after work are also job related and those who are not doing either white collar/blue collar jobs tend to isolated. Opportunities are only available to those in the social groups leaving others to suffer. Immigrants in America have also lead to increase in population of the American people. People with different cultures tend to cluster together then forming a social group. These people believe that they can reason together and help one another in order to prosper in the foreign continent of America. These people normally have different feelings and encounters and can share its with one another.

They therefore pull themselves from the rest of the citizens and the social groups they form can’t be easily integrated with the rest and this worsens the case of minority people. America gives priority to its people and the rest is left to those from other areas. Income differences are the case and this doesn’t favor any strangers in the country. After the September 11, people realized how much ready the country is not prepared to deal with disasters and this shows that the country is still fighting for its success.

American literature gives all the folklore that relates to the desires by many residents and where different names came from. “Buckroo” is a word that was common with the cattle ranchers; at the moment the word has been changed “cowboy” and mostly in use at Nevada. These are people who are mostly in fear of the whites and are may be working in their farms as ranchers. If America has fully succeeded in development such people could not be existing because everybody could be doing a white-collar job or blue-collar job. Cowboys have lifestyles of the black community but have been at some extend influenced by the white settlers.