Histories and New World Orders essay

Terrorism can be traced back as early as the time of ancient civilizations, before the fearsome plane hijackers and suicide bombers that we know of today. Terrorist acts in the early times were manifested by ship-robbing pirates, violent oppositions of the current rulers, and so much more. The definition of terrorists at that time was decided upon by the terrified populace. They all share a notion of what a terrorist act is, which the ones that uses threats are usually or by force.

Wars were one of the effects of terrorism, and many people know that wars are very barbaric in nature, wherein people result to killing the opposing force in order to win the war. Both wars and terrorisms have caused great deals of terror to the people in the early times. But wars have boundaries, causing terror which have bounds. But terrorism brings terror that exceeds those bounds. Early colonies realize this reality often in harsh ways that’s why they also have avoided its occurrence (Gregory).

But terrorists aren’t necessarily from a different area wanting to cause a commotion or bring terror in another area. Acts of terrorism can also be brought about by the ruling class itself to its people. Let’s take the ancient Roman Empire as an example. Roman leaders rose to dominance because the state uses terror on its own people as well as people from foreign lands. Roman leaders don’t hesitate to use terroristic acts like burning of properties, arrests, and murders for them to be feared by the people. Because of this, some people would oppose the government through a revolution.

The threats caused by the state will be pacified by the threats from the revolutionists. This often leads to the issuance of terror to everyone, both from state terrorism and from revolutionary terrorism. They have no other means to stop these acts of terrorism except to also issue terrorism. Usually, the clash of terroristic measures from both the state and the revolutionists would result to wars. This again would bring terror to the people, fearing both the state and the revolutionists. It continues as a cycle of terror, a cycle of opposing forces, of equally fearsome terrorists.

If the state was able to pacify the people who they think are the ones causing terror, the people will be given the dilemma of choosing how to respond to what has happened. The first choice is to accept and accommodate what the state has sanctioned – the state is right, no one should oppose them. Another is to stay out of harm’s way, whether the state is right or wrong, it is better to avoid the matter just to be safe. And lastly, they can choose to resist, to fight what you believe is right, to meet the state’s force with your own force, in order to overthrow those who you think have done wrong things.

It’s all up to the people on what choice they will make. There are other issues with terrorism being brought up by a country’s leaders or their heads of state. These leaders use terrorism in order to suppress evil deeds in the area they govern. They don’t scare people just for the fun of it. They want to maintain peace by keeping the population fearful for their lives. They know that a certain wrong action would mean reprimand from their leader. It is true that they are terrorized by the fact that punishment awaits for them with any mistake that they make. This would then keep them from doing the wrong actions.

In this way, terrorism is being used for a somewhat good purpose. It is not a terror to good conduct, but to bad; ideally, people don’t get punished if they haven’t done anything wrong or deserve a certain punishment. But the issue doesn’t just end in that. The leaders themselves who are equally guilty for the acts of terrorism get into a dilemma of looking good for his people, yet he doesn’t earn their attention or respect, resulting to a loose orders and bad behaviors for his people or; doing something that is good but can be bad for the subjects like bringing fear or terror in their hearts.

Well, this is one of the consequences of ruling – you can’t please everyone. Their will come a time that the ruler will have to step on someone or else they are the ones who will get stepped on. If they don’t do what is appropriate, they will have to suffer he, along with the rest of his people will suffer for the consequences for his decisions. For every governing body, it is inevitable that there will be oppositions. No matter how good are the intentions of the government, not all people will be pleased.

There will always be those who would take terror’s course of actions, thus giving rise to budding terrorist groups. Even in the ancient times, strong colonial powers were met with equally strong terroristic opponents. It will depend on the people on how the battle will be decided. The decision lies not in the terrorists’ hands or the government’s hands, instead, it is on the people’s hands. What kinds of futures are envisioned in the construction of new world order that seek to destroy “terrorism”?

The United States of America is looking forward to a peaceful future by destroying terrorism. This is the country’s main goal which not limited inside the country alone but encompasses foreign nations as well, “We will continue to encourage our regional partners to take up a coordinated effort that isolates the terrorists (The White House). ” It is a new world order that the United States is introducing, and that is only possible through the destruction of terrorism. For other people or other nations, this may be a far-fetched idea with the sole purpose of dominating other nations.

But the stand of the United States is that this is for the good of all, for everyone to maintain peace in their own backyards, they must maintain peace within the neighborhood. With the country’s capabilities and influences, that far-fetched idea may be realized in the near future after all. Aside from a peaceful future, the United States of America’s action against terrorism would lead to the unification of different countries fighting for the same cause. This is seen in their statement, “The United States will continue to work with our allies to disrupt the financing of terrorism (The White House).

” This would increase the relationships with other nations, thus strengthening the bonds of the global community. The United States are offering friendship and their alliance with other countries in order to fight terrorism and stop it from the roots. It encourages other countries to dispel terrorism in their own countries, and that harboring these terrorists would do them no good. The United States of America offers support to allies, the countries who are with them against terrorism; on the other hand, the United States wouldn’t tolerate countries who believe otherwise.

They will not be allowed to give these terrorists a safe haven inside their countries. This is another future in the new world order that seeks destruction of terrorism. It’s either you’re with or against it. Lastly, the future that can be envisioned in the new world order of the destruction of terrorism is a safe and efficient living environment. The move against terrorism was just the first step in achieving such environment. The heightening of national security because of terrorism is just the first phase of the improvement of managing crimes and apprehending criminals.

It is for the people’s safety, not only from the terrorists, but also from the day-to-day wrong doers that would walk this earth. Improvement and readiness of the country’s health and medical system because of bio-terror would be very useful after terrorism is destroyed. Its improvement is not only for the preparedness against terrorism, but also for the maintenance of the people’s well-being. Strengthening of the country’s borders would eventually lead to the efficient flow of legitimate traffic. They aim to destroy terrorism in every way they could.

This includes using direct and continuous actions, exhausting every possible resource and affiliating with every possible contact. Their statement, “direct and continuous action using all the elements of national and international power” shows the willingness of the country and its leaders to put an end to terrorism (The White House). The immediate focus of these actions will be the terrorist which has well-known notoriety, especially those who have arms reaching various countries around the globe.

They wouldn’t hesitate fighting the countries which harbor these international criminals which serve as threats to the people around the world. The government will defend the country and its people with every means possible. This means stopping the advances of terrorism even before it reaches the American soils. This means that as soon as they are able to pinpoint the roots of these terrorist activities, they will not hesitate to put measures in their hands. These terrorists threat will be stopped even before it reaches the borders. This includes heightened security in all the entry and exit points of the country.

It will also strengthen its intelligence agencies in the country and overseas. The country would enlist the support of other countries in their cause of stopping all these terrorists, but if no one is willing to cooperate, they wouldn’t hesitate in carrying the task alone. It is all for the safety of the country and its people, as well as the neighboring countries that seek peace. The country’s allies would also reap the fruits of the destruction of terrorism, since everyone will be able to say that they are finally in a safe place to live.

Preparation against terrorism promises not only of a peaceful future but a well-organized, safe and efficient lifestyle as well. It all depends on the people if they will support this advances by the government, and if they promise to fight the government’s battles as well.


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