Hispanic American Diversity essay

The Hispanic Cultural Group represents those Americans whose prior language was Spanish. There are four Hispanic groups found in United States, • Mexican Americans. • El Salvadorians. • Puerto Ricans. • Cuban Americans. These four groups have few correspondence and little variation among their way of life, economical position and literacy rate. In this article we have enlighten all the factors narrate to their religious, familial, economic, social and political conventions.

It is believed that all of these four groups give equivalent respect to their families similarly they pursue the religion which is given to them by their ancestors. The reason of migration to U. S was economical issues and unemployment but they can’t get rid of these problems in U. S a swell because their literacy rate is not higher so they cant make any prominent position in United States while on other hand the Cuban Americans posses the high literacy rates and have a well known position in Unites states they are economically and socially urbanized in U.

S. It is a firm believe that Mexican American, El Salvadorians and Puerto Ricans have very bad economic position and most of them are illegal resident of U. S so they cant take advantage of any amenities provided to U. S citizens, they countenance the problems of low remuneration and they cannot even fight next to it because most of them are not U. S citizen and they have no rights in U. S. In this article we will read the diverse problems which is being faced by Hispanic groups also their beliefs and histories. Hispanic American Diversity.

The utterance Hispanic spots out those Americans whose first verbal communication is Spanish, the term Hispanic refers the cultural background related to Castilian speaking Spain. For recognizing the social, economical, political, religious and familial conventions of Hispanic group the study was made on the following four Hispanic Groups. • Mexican Americans. • El Salvadorians. • Puerto Ricans. • Cuban Americans. Mexican Americans: Spanish is the national language of Mexican Americans, the amalgamation of Spanish with English makes them the Mexican American Group.

It was believed that the Mexican Americans be very vigorous in the Mexican America but the Civil rights movements make apparent change in their history, the Mexican civil right movement was initiated in 1960 by Reies Lopez Tijerena and the land grant movement, which was followed by Rodolfo “Corky” who makes the concept of Chicano clear by his epic poem “I am Joaquin” they did these efforts in order build up the understanding of political movements and for getting their all of the essential rights.

From the chronological background of the Mexican American we can articulate that they have not been very concerned in studies, it is believed that 10 percent of Mexican Americans go further than the high school, 4 percent attains the baccalaureate and 40 percent fails to complete high schools diploma, so it can be clearly said that Mexican American have not really incorporated themselves in the American society.

It is believed that economically Mexican Americans are approaching for fair disburse but on other hand it is believed that reimbursement and sufficient salary are still the issue which is seen among Mexican Americans as their instructive backdrop is not good sufficient to convene the today’s need.

It is alleged that in the Mexican American families their grandparents are the centre of attention for them principally their grandmothers, they suppose their Grandmothers as head of the family, the priority is given to grandmothers as they believe that she is the one who knew everything which they might have forgotten specially their traditional language. It is believed that social need of Mexican Americans is same as of others and religiously they follows the same traditions which they have receive from their ancestors. (allpoetry. com) El Salvadorians:

The language which is typically been used by El Salvadorians is Spanish, the study was made on the El Salvadorians past and present circumstances in order to see their past and current situations, it is believed that El Salvadorians is the one extremely poor Hispanic Group they are going through monetary crisis therefore they start migrating in United States so that they can get employment & they can fulfill the vital human’s need that is victuals and other provisions of life, the economical condition of El Salvadorians is still not much urbanized but they are still better than they were inn their own country.

The chief religion of El Salvadorians is Roman Catholic, the preponderance of El Salvadorians follows their Primary religion that is Roman Catholic but it is seen that some of them follows the Pentecost religion as it is almost similar to their primary religion. It is said that politically they are not vigorous and they never wish to participate in any political event such as voting because of the reason of being illegal occupant of Unites States.

It is believed that they are not contented socially as well because of restricted opportunities of work for every El Salvadorian there fore their daily income is least and as most of them are not legal resident of U. S so they cannot brawl for their improved salaries too. The civilization of El Salvadorians revolves around their religion and family, they usually have immense families and all of the fundamental responsibilities which include cooking and cleaning is on woman while the young female child has responsibility of their young siblings. (allopoetry. com)