Hillary Clinton essay

Hillary Clinton Rodham was born on 26th October 1947 in Chicago, USA. She belonged to the Rodham family and was the first daughter of her family. Her parents Hugh and Dorothy Howell Rodham moved to Illinois – after three years of Hillary birth. They lived in Suburban Park Ridge where all the middle-class natives, excellent community schools and lovely Victorian houses surrounded by the hilly areas. Her father was a hard working man who always loved his work and learned the values for becoming best since he worked in the factory town of Scranton, Pennsylvania. He started a business and traveled around.

Hillary’s mother was a housewife; she took care of Hillary and her two younger brothers Hugh (Junior) and Tony. Hillary was the eldest in her family and was very strong and bold since her birth. She started her kindergarten school in Park Ridge Illinois, once when she was young, she came to her mom telling that her friend beats her, Hillary’s mother wanted her daughter to be strong enough and she advised her that if your friend beat you again you have your mother’s permission to hit her back as Hillary’s parents wanted her to stand up for herself in the aspect of life and to be strong, bold and self confident.

(Ashby, 10) Hillary established herself from the beginning and with the guard of her parents enabled her to stands for herself in front. She always loved to read books and participate in class debates which made her more active in the work. Soon, she became assertive leader in her school and was appointed as a class vice-president. Hillary’s great work and dedication to studies enabled her to move on the highway of success. She was not just good in her studies but was good in sports too. Her favorite sports were ice-skating, summer language football and swimming.

She just didn’t make her name in the school in studies but proved her skills in the sports’ field which was not easy as her school was colossal and it had almost five thousand students – but still she managed to prove her abilities. (Ashby, 10 &11) As she materialize herself the best in the school, her greatness in studies, active participation in extracurricular activities and role in sports made her the representative of the student council of her school; it was not easy for anyone to get selected for the student leader in a huge number of students.

Her exceptional performance led her to the success and made her the student leader and representative of the students’ council. (Ashby, 11) When she was fourteen years old, she was graced by the teaching of her teacher in a church, which led Hillary to get more know-how about the Christianity. She met people of various regions and was managed to be in contact with them. She attended lectures and speeches, which give her more confidence and made her thoughts strong. In the year 1964, when the presidential election started, Hillary supported the Republican Barry Goldwater and for this, she started wearing sash called “Goldwater Girl”.

(Ashby, 11) In the year 1969, Hillary entered into the school or Law called Yale Law School. Her law school was the best in the country. The students of her college were active in the civil rights movement, the antiwar movement and the women’s movement. Hillary started it slowly and first focused on her law studies, but she found it hard as her class mates were demonstrating different organizations like Blank Panthers and African American Political Organization, which were not accepted by Hillary as she was a Republican and was supporting Republican Barry Goldwater.

(Ashby, 11) After her high school, she went to the Wellesley College in Massachusetts, which certainly was her first step in the country’s politics. She started discussing about the politics with her mates during the Vietnam War. She started developing herself in the law field. In 1974, she started her teaching career at the Fayetteville College; she was a law professor who taught her students with quality education. She was very demanding for her bold personality and for her teaching qualities and was respected by her students. (Guernsey, 45)

Hillary had a choice in her life to go to Washington for the bright career or go to Arkansas to be with Bill Clinton who was teaching law and was trying to get a seat for himself in the United State house of representative. At that time Hillary choose Arkansas and listened to her heart to be with Bill Clinton and became one of the two faculty member of Fayetteville where Bill Clinton was a member as well. In the summers of 1975 this couple made a mark in the history and got married. After their wedding, Hillary Clinton didn’t change her name and kept her last name Hillary Rodham.

In l976, Hillary joined Rose Law Firm and latter she ran campaign for the President Jimmy Carter for that she was appointed in the board of the legal services corporation. In 1978 and 1979, Hillary became the first lady of Arkansas because Bill Clinton became the Governor of the state. In 1980, Hillary gave birth to her first and only child Chelsea. In the elections on 1980, Bill Clinton got defeated but latter after two years he came strongly and won the election of 1982, Hillary then began to use her name Hillary Clinton.

The first lady of Arkansas started working under her husband and served the Arkansas Education Standard Committee for at least ten years, not just that she also chaired the Rural Health Advisory Committee. Hillary Clinton was named women of the Arkansas in 1983 and mother of the year in 1984. She kept on working with the Rose Law Firm even was she came the first lady or Arkansas, she was also named by the National Law Journal as the best in 100 influent lawyers in America.

Later on, she served many organizations, for example, she served the Arkansas Children Hospital and the Children Defense Fund and other non-profit organizations. As Hillary was performing for the pubic, on other hand, she was also balancing her private life, after Bill Clinton became the candidate of the Democratic Presidential nomination of 1992; at that time, Hillary came in the nation’s attention as some publication published Bill Clinton affair with the Flower lady. (Jamiesons, 22)

Bill Clinton started his work as a President in1993 and with that achievement Hillary became the first lady of the United States – after the first lady of Arkansas. Her active role started when Clinton asked her to chair the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. She also continued to be a leading advocate and worked for expanding health insurance coverage and made it aware for the about all the health issues. She also wrote in some newspaper for the women’s, children and families as the first lady of the United States and her observations about around the world.

She was also the first lady to hold a post-graduate degree plus her professional career of law, even she was the first lady in the American history to take the office in the White House, West Wing. The first lady played an important role in the matters of public policy. The work done by the wife of the president is appreciated by the public, but the comment supporters made was, there was no difference in her work and other advisors in the White House, but the voters were well aware of what she would do more for the betterment of the nation.

Hillary in 1996 had a bad time when she was named and tested by the Federal grand jury for the work done by her in the Rose Law Firm. The First Lady was also investigated for the firings in the White House travel office and the circumstances of White House counsel Vince Foster’s death and was questioned by the FBI, but Clinton was never been charged for anything or any wrongdoings. The Bill Clinton scandal in 1998 with the lady “Monica Lewinsky” became the subject of their relation as the gossips about this scandal was common in public that the president had an extramarital affair with a White House intern.

It was a hard time for the lady and painful, but she stood strongly and latter it was confirmed that there was no such affair of the President and the First Lady and the President marriage was solid. (Jamiesons, 24) The first lady hosted the conferences in White House which were: 1. Child Care (1997) 2. Early Childhood Development and Learning (1997) 3. Philanthropy (1999) 4. Children and Adolescents (2000) 5. Teenagers (2000)

She worked for the childhood illnesses around the nation and encouraged older women to seek and learn about the cancers, especially breast cancer for which she organized and attended conferences at different healthcare centers. She started the Insurance health program in 1997 for children; she provided the healthcare facility to those whose parents were unable to provide healthcare facilities – this work of her was appreciated by the whole nation. She also increased the funding for the childhood asthma and the prostate cancer at the Institute of National Health.

Not just that she also organized different programs and conferences from time to time for the awareness of the nation; she also started campaigns for the development and learning of the childhood, which is a basic need of everyone. She supported and gathered the least bothered subjects which anyone started regarding the health campaigns for the people who were not able to provide proper healthcare facilities to their family. She also setup an office for violence against women, after the conference in China to support the women around the world and took an active part in it as well.

She also created the first sculpture garden which displayed the art work by the American artists. Also, she generated on her personal and from the federal funds for restoring for the historic items and sites which would be the important asset afterwards. A long serving United States senator of New York who announced his retirement in 1998, Clinton took participation in the United States Senate election of 2000, where she had to faced Rudy Giuliani, the Mayor of New York City as her opponent in the election, but due to cancer Rudy withdrew and after that she faced Rick Lazio, a Republican member of the United States House of Representatives.

She started working and latter she ran a campaign in the whole country. Hillary vowed to improve the economic situation in those areas, promising to deliver tons of jobs to the state over her term. Her plan included specific tax credits to reward job creation and encourage business investments in the heavy sector. It was a hard time for Hillary Clinton as she was new and she went to every state in the country with her campaigns. Both the parties had spent a combined $78 Million.