Hilary Clinton essay

Many politicians and analysts claim that Hilary Clinton is more qualified compared with her presidential rivals to become the next President of the United States. When she talks about her presidency, her values and policies to be implemented, millions are strongly impressed by the depth of her knowledge when answering the problems and force of intellect combined with experience. Hilary Clinton is more likely to be a strong commander-in-chief as she is respected by the world leaders and American military. Clinton’s policy centers on strengthening the middle class.

She argues that middle class is now ready for change. Hilary believes if she wins presidential elections and enters the White House, no class will remain invisible and ignored. Further, Clinton is going to provide accessible health care as, she argues, more than 40 million of Americans aren’t provided with health insurance. Hilary wants America to be prepared for universal health care. Clinton seems to have known better than other candidates how to build political support and to complete the set tasks. One more important position is that Hilary calls for ending for in Iraq.

Hilary is going to pay more attention to promoting energy independence and, what is more important, to fighting global warming – the problem still being ignored by the current President. Clinton stands for reforming immigration system which is in crisis, as she says. In domestic policy she stands for improving schools and educational programs, for supporting parents and children, and for creating more opportunities for rural population. Clinton is willing to restore country’s standing in the world i. e. to promote country’s interests, to advance its values and to ensure its security.

Hilary believes that the country is stronger when the world is being led through alliances. She often cites the Declaration of Independence which calls for “a decent respect to the opinions of mankind”. Hilary argues that honest and fair elections are the key to democracy which requires strengthening.

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