High School and College essay

High school and College both have its own appeal. In High school, your teachers, parents, everyone consider you as a child. The positive side is that you don’t have to take the responsibility for making your own decisions; you are given proper guidance at every step for success. I think it is less complex and easy to score marks in High school than in College. Negative side is that you have to follow the rules and the guidance of your elders. Others will make the decisions on your behalf.

In College, you are looked upon as an adult. Negative side is that you have to behave like an adult and accept the responsibilities for your decisions, good or bad. Positive side is that as an individual, you are given the freedom to spend the time in College the way you like, you can choose your own career; you also take the responsibility for your actions and decisions. If the student is meritorious, he can build a career of his liking by taking advantage of the resources available to him.

I liked College more than High school. College gave me the freedom to arrange my own schedule and manage my own time for studies. It taught me to be responsible and gave me the opportunity to select my own career path. In College we have more freedom than in High School. In high school, classes as well as the time we spend in school are pre-arranged for us, whereas in College, we have the freedom to arrange our own schedule and we decide how to manage our time.

In High school, I faced problem in finding time between classes for work outside the classes like returning the books to the library, visiting the office for filling up forms for exams, for submitting fees and so forth. I did not face such problems in College. In High school, we spend long hours attending one class after another, there is no gap between the classes. In College, there is usually a gap of few hours between the class and the time of classes varies throughout the day and evening.

These extra hours were very helpful for me as I could spend quality hours in the library; submit documents and fees for exams and for requesting the professor for extra classes. Moreover, High School has a strict structure, where it is compulsory to attend all the classes. In College, there is minimum attendance which has to be filled by the students. We have the freedom to attend classes which we like but if we are absent on a regular basis; it can affect our performance in exams. The majority of students in College are adults in contrast to High School, where students are adolescents.

For students who passed High school and immediately got admission in college, they are also considered as grown-ups. College students usually have more responsibilities like their job and family than high school students. College education is not compulsory as High school education, though college education is important for financial security in future. Therefore it is assumed that they are self-motivated students who are able to take responsibilities for their own learning. In high school, the teacher guides and instructs them throughout the learning process.

In college, professors only guides them and rest they have to do on their own. In high school it is mandatory that we study a set of subjects, whether we like it not. I think it is essential for our general knowledge. In college, the education is more specific, we can select the subjects we want to study according to the career we want to select. College students are more career oriented than high school students because they become more matured and starts thinking about their future.

In college we are more aware of the different careers prospects than in high school because we have more opportunity in college meet new people, students of other streams, professors, students of other college and so forth. I had more friends in college than high school. By interacting with different people, I got an idea of the career options which were open to me. It was in college that I decided that I wanted to be a teacher. High school gave me knowledge on subjects which was essential for my mental growth whereas college opened new avenues for me in the career front which helped me in earning my living.