High-End Shoes essay

There’s an old saying that states you can tell a lot about a person by looking at the shoes they are wearing. As a matter of fact some people judge the success of a person by the appearance of their shoes. High-end shoes are not just satisfying a want, but actually the purchase would provide the unique combination of comfort and style. Depending on what the purpose of the shoes are for, the more important it is to assure the shoes are of good quality. Getting expensive shoes do not have to be considered an expense, but an investment. More often than not, expensive shoes tend to have better quality workmanship.

A good quality shoe will most likely last longer than a cheaper shoe. This is not to say that cheap shoes are not good quality shoes, but a high end shoe not only gets the job done, but research has consistently shown where the more expensive shoes consistently prove to be more comfortable. High-end designer shoes can cost a pretty penny but they were proven by Consumer Reports that there is a definite difference. In this study a pair of high-end designer shoes were compared with a shoe that wasn’t a cheap department store shoe, but one that could be considered as the quality being somewhere in the middle.

They took two pair of basic black pumps and walked around in the shoes to evaluate if there was indeed a difference in the comfort. The result was found that the high-end shoes clearly out performed the pair of lesser quality. The remark was made that the comfort was due to the increased support of the high-end shoe while the lesser quality pair had a synthetic bottom with grooves that may be there to assist in the avoidance of slips. Taking the comparison a step further, Consumer Reports cut the shoes in half.

The shoes were found to be very similar with metal shanks, flexible toes as well as metal heels that were surrounded by plastic. For the money, the mid-quality shoe, where the price was approximately $70, was a “pretty good shoe”, but the high-end designer competitor shoe clearly was constructed better and it had more of a stylish design. Another thing that affects the price difference is shoes would be that many high-end shoes are actually made nearly all by hand as opposed to the lower quality shoes that are most likely mass-produced.

So the question may be asked should men think the same way about their shoes and the quality as women do. Men, for the most part, when they purchase expensive shoes are looking at the purchase as an investment. Men buy expensive shoes with the expectancy of the pair to last longer as opposed to the cheaper counterpart. When they are paying the higher price for shoes, he is normally paying for the designer name as well as the quality craftsmanship. They also recognize that a high-end shoe is most likely hand-made. This means that the worker most likely took great care in sewing quality seams and this guarantees a quality finish.

The shoes, therefore, should have less manufacturing mistakes and have a better overall finished product in addition to the expectation of the shoes to last longer. Another reason a man will sometimes purchase a better shoe is to impress the ladies. They feel that a woman may evaluate and make a snap judgement on a man by observing the quality of their shoes. They consider this to be important because of the lasting impression they want to make on the first meeting of an attractive woman. In addition, the difference will be instantly obvious when a man is well dressed.

Wearing cheaper quality shoes causes a definite contrast. There is concern because low-priced shoes are usually associated with cheap mannerisms and women typically don’t seem to respond positively toward cheap men. Although style should not be a substitute for a great personality, wearing stylish shoes definitely is an advantageous when it comes to attracting women, however it is not considered to be a perfect solution. Another view that should be reviewed would be the importance of wearing an athletic shoe of high quality. An athletic shoe is a generic name for a shoe that is designed specifically for sporting activities.

Contrary to popular belief there are different types of shoes for the various types of sports. There are for instance, sport, running, gym, tennis, aerobics shoes. Choosing the correct athletic shoe is important in avoiding injury and accidents. Failure to protect your feet during various activities could cause a great deal of stress and pain to parts of your body such as ankles, knees, hips, back and muscles. Sports that require jumping and twisting, such as basketball or tennis should be done with a shoe that supports the ankle.

When walking and running it is best to stick with a shoe that is light and comfortable. Hiking shoes should have deeper treads to avoid sliding and provide ankle support to reduce stress on the joints and muscles in uneven terrain. It is also important to consider what type of surface the activity will be performed on. This should be considered as well as the foot type. Overall, the shoe needs to be functional and comfortable. Make sure the shoes have substantial room in the toe area and the back part of the shoe is tight (but not too tight) against the heel to prevent slipping.

When shopping for shoes wear socks, nylons, etc to make sure the shoe fits properly as well as trying the shoes on after walking from 30 minutes to an hour beforehand. If it is too tight in the store, it will not stretch out enough after the purchase. Expensive shoes versus cheap shoes…the consensus is clear that higher quality shoes are consistently the better choice.


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