Hierarchy of Data essay

A database of a certain business entity is commonly full of different data of classifiable nature. To efficient maximize the process of storing and retrieving different individual information, it must be accordingly classified and arranged in a system of with different hierarchy according to their own extrinsic nature. For a video store business entity, their database of their collection of the information of their primary assets mainly their video collection is thoroughly arranged in a systematic manner.

The hierarchy of their data is mainly arranged in accordance to the classification basing from their nature such as the nature of the film contained in the video. Thus, their collection is divided into the main category of their videos such as either comedy, drama, suspense and others. Occasionally, this system is also subdivided according to the ratings and the evaluation of the video’s contents.

In addition, most video store’s database are also classified further into different subcategories namely according to the movability of the video according to its track record, date of its purchase, its condition and warranty, and others. In this aspect, every individual business entity has their own system of arranging and this is mainly differentiated according to the nature of their business and their products. Thus, the administration personally of a certain business entity develops their hierarchy of data in their database in the aspect of their own efficiency for storing and recovering of their own significant informations.