Heroin under control essay


Heroinunder control

Comparisonbetween the content and the delivery of the essays.

Thetwo articles are discussing on issues concerning usage of heroin.From the articles, it is also evident that the use of heroin is agrave concern, and there is a need to address it. From the articles,we also learn that most youths are engaging in the abuse of heroinbecause they do not have the appropriate information on theconsequences that may befall them. We also learn that there is a needto address the issues of heroin and place it under control to ensurethe wellbeing of the young people. On the delivery process, botharticles present their ideas by listing the main points down. The twoessays are also clear and easy to understand because they use alanguage easy to comprehend.

Thecontrast between the content and the delivery of the articles.

Thefirst article talks about a broad range of ideas while the second onebreaks down the contents of one idea. For instance, the ideas fromthe first essay include the consequences of the use of heroin, thevast number of people in possession of heroin in New York, and thesignificant number of youth suffering from heroin addiction and dyingfrom infections (Darke, 2003). The essay also hints that putting tostop the use of heroin requires an understanding of the causes andsolutions to heroin abuse (Mercola, 2015). On the contrary, thesecond article discusses the use of heroin by listing down thevarious factors that fuel the use. On the delivery of the essays, thefirst one discusses on broad issues while the second one talks aboutone issue by listing down the breakdown of the causes of heroinabuse.


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