Helping Hands Referral Service essay

Welcome to the Helping Hands online information site. Helping Hands is a centralized information resource network with a staff of professionals specializing in nationwide research development. Helping Hands is dedicated to helping consumers find the best deals on products and services worldwide. Helping Hands is a member-based-subscription service. About US Helping Hands Referral Service was founded in 2001 in the little town of 29 Palms. With the support of our members and vendors worldwide, Helping Hands has been able to expand its services into many new areas.

Our service has been immensely successful because we care about our members. We now serve our members from all over the United States. We have also successfully established our sister companies, Helping Hands Business Referral Services, Helping Hands Biz Credit, and Helping Hands Consultants. Our motto is “sharing is caring. ” When you become part of Helping Hands Referrals, you gain access to a global network of products and services with incredible benefits and discounts. We work hard for you so you can save time and money and concentrate on other things in your life. Services

Helping Hands Referrals serves as your solid, central point of contact, enabling you to save remarkably. Helping Hands Referrals offers a variety of services to fit your personal needs. Thanks to our very capable research department, you will be the first to know of any new products and services being offered to the US from *****our new promotions department. Our services consist of the following: 1. Monthly newsletters telling you about new discounts you can take advantage of. 2. Access to our constantly updated discount lists. 3. Access to our research department. 4. A Research Specialist assigned to you.

Extra Benefits! Helping Hands Referrals is proud to announce the launch of its new live-support line. This is a live, one-stop consumer discount resource center for virtually everything you could request. If you have questions, we can get the answers for you! This live-support line gives you access to our live information discount resource center dedicated to the needs and wants of our customers. As a member, you can call us anytime through our toll-free request line. Simply have your member id and your request ready when you call, and within 24 hours one of our specialists will follow up with your request.