Heineken Lager Beer essay

HeinekenLager Beer

1.Name of the brand, its parent company if any, and brief history

HeinekenLager beer is a brand of beer produced by Heineken InternationalCompany. It contains 5% of alcohol on the volume produced. It is aproduct with rich, dry and malt medium flavor as well as lightcolored. The company was founded by Gerald Adrian Heineken in 1864,February after he bought Haystack brewery in Amsterdam. Heineken is aunique brand and commonly known through its signature of a red starand green bottles used for its packaging.

Itsbrewing uses Yeast for Bavarian bottom fermentation. It was initiallysold locally until the brand won a medal in international Maritimeexposition in Paris and won the favor of exportation also to France.In 1933, became the first European brand to besold in the United States. Over time, the brand has been an existingand leading beer brand and the company celebrated 150 years ofexistence in 2014. In 2015, the brand won an award in creativemarketer with the original mother company becoming HeinekenExperience Museum. The brand is currently sold in more than 170countries in China, America, Mexico and Africa.

2.Two competing brands and a brief description of each

Budweiseris one of the competitive brands of Heineken brand. Its productiondates back in 1876 in the United States. Adolphus Busch is thefounder of the mother company and he partnered with his father in lawto form Anheuser-Busch Company. The mother company has presidentsfrom the founders` lineage over time. Budweiser Larger beer is brewedwith 30% rice mixed with hops and malt hence containing 5% alcoholcontent of total volume produced. Budweiser brand is sold over 80countries across the world and over time it has enjoyed a title of‘American Beer`.

Anothercompeting brand is Carling Lager Beer founded by Thomas Carling afarmer in Canada, the United Kingdom in 1818. The farmer started as asmall scale beer producer who sold his product locally using a wheelbarrow. The brand contains 4.9% alcohol content and its famousproduction hiked in the 1950s when it was sold to Canadian BreweriesLimited. Over time, it has changed hands after the death of foundingfamily members. It eventually became the UK`s most popular beerbrand.

3.Sales, market share, and profits of your brand and competing brands

HeinekenLager Beer brand does not enjoy a monopoly. However, as an originaland most preferred beer, it has managed to break through the walls ofa market and metropolitan market to win the confidence of users. Thecompany distributes around 16.46 billion liters across the world.Compared to major competitive brands, it enjoys a larger market.While is sold to more than 170 countries acrossthe world, Budweiser enjoys 80 markets. Therefore, it has a higherpercent profit compared to competitive brands. It is a beer that canstay fresh for long with proper storage hence increasing the numberof interested customers. Its European taste is also much liked andpreferred by customers.

4.Present users, competing users, and emerging users of your brand

HeinekenLarger Beer is widely used in Europe, United States, China and Africain over 170 countries. The brand is preferably sold to individualswith a legal age of alcohol use in these countries. The greatestcompetition lies in the United States due to locally produced beer inthe continent. In addition, the upcoming competitive brands producedlocally also cause a great competition for local markets. Due to avast advertisement on the internet and best preferred modern medium,Heineken increases the number of interested consumers. Potentialconsumers include countries that have not started importing theproduct worldwide. Over time, this brand will be adopted in allcountries worldwide making the company have mega-sales of the totalamount produced.

5.Challenges and potentials of your brand

HeinekenLager Beer brand faces a number of challenges. One of thesechallenges is local and international competition from existingbrands as well as upcoming ones. Another challenge is the age limiton legal grounds that differ in different countries that lead tolimitation of consumers. The fact that the brand can stay for longdue to proper preservation gives the brand an advantage of time andsales as it can be sold in large quantities. It is also an addedadvantage that this brand dominates beer market as well as increasingpotential consumers through targeting countries that have not startedimporting the product.

6.Any inspirations or difficulties that you encountered in this project

Itis an inspiration to interact with information about the most popularbeer brand across the world through knowing its history and abilityto withstand a test of time. That way, business skills can beborrowed from such companies as well as ways of getting abreakthrough in a competitive market. It is a challenge to choose abrand of choice as most brands contain advertisement information frommother companies with challenges concealed.


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