Hegemony Or Survival – America’s Quest For Global Dominance – Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky’s work, as always, is documented with evidence in order to achieve the confidence and therefore trust of his followers. In his book Hegemony or Survival – America’s Quest for Global Dominance, N. Chomsky studies extensively the objectives, methods and activities of the “Americans”. He chooses a path that is quite different from that usually chosen by politicians. In his ‘discourse’ he can be seen as sincere, truthful and most importantly, he analyzes everything in a realistic point of view.

He highlights the fact that U. S. A. rulers have followed what one might call ‘the imperial grand strategy’, with the intention to dominate the whole world, by causing wars and other disastrous methods to achieve what they want – supremacy. Chomsky’s book can be seen as a book that highlights the exact reality of the world that we live in, that might seem frightening, in particular to the eyes of the innocent and of those who suffered or are still suffering from this terrible reality.

For Chomsky, the rulers of the United States of America commit these atrocities to then hide behind a guiltless facade – therefore betraying the public! Talking about these atrocities means talking about genocides, murders and more, all of which have one single objective: achieving whatever comes to their minds! As for the choice of the title of the book, Hegemony or Survival, Chomsky says: “There is ample historical precedent for the willingness of leaders to threaten or resort to violence in the face of significant risk of catastrophe.

But the stakes are far higher today. The choice between hegemony and survival has rarely, if ever, been so starkly posed. ” And the rulers of the United States of America might be deciding on hegemony rather than on survival. Dominance of the world is our rulers’ priority. Chomsky, by writing this phenomenal book wants to alert the readers all over the world of what the United States of America’s rulers have in mind, which seems to possibly threaten the world’s peace and harmony…all this always documented with the right evidence.