Healthy relationships essay

Family life and rearing kids are often depicted as a hurdle in any ones life. The success of family life lies in keeping life simple, focusing on family, hobbies, volunteering in the kids’ school and spending time together on the weekends. Stress, and concern that their children are suffering make couples back away from their old lifestyle and now many Moms and even dads tend to stay home with the kids whenever possible. Today, dual-earners are declining as a percentage of married-couple families with kids under 18.

In a study of 68 children at ages five and nine, Karine Verschueren and Alfons Marcoen at Catholic University, Leuven, Belgium, found that the quality of a child’s bond with his or her father at age five has an even bigger effect in some realms of development than the mother bond. Children who were less attached to their fathers at age five were more anxious and withdrawn and less self-confident at age nine. They were less likely to be warmly accepted by their peer group and well-adjusted at school, based on teacher and peer reports.

As elaborated above children should be raised in a positive environment. The basic positive environment that any parent can provide his child is a warm and caring atmosphere within the family. In the present day US nuclear family culture both the husband and the wife are employed. They switch duty of caretaking the kid and for the child it becomes a mechanical affair. I would rather prefer the mom to stay back at home at least till the kids are in their late teens. This would certainly create an economical imbalances and financial stresses in the family.

The family will have to less spending money, and they take fewer vacations. I am strongly advocating for a secure family bondage between parents and children for a sound family atmosphere. I have an example told by one of my friends to support my argument. Once he told me about his childhood and the foremost among his early memories, he says, are his father coaching his sports teams and caring for him. He said, he wants, with his own children, to be like his dad; `I want to be home with them a lot.

’ In the present day world people are too much worried about job deadlines and career, that they schedule their lifestyle accordingly. Many couples time their pregnancies to avoid giving birth on a job deadline. In some cases they may conceive. In such cases, mostly, the kids are handed over to day care centers and there starts the real problem. In many cases in the US, the situation has changed presently and many moms are paying more attention to child rearing. I and my wife are of the strong opinion that Children are our greatest asset.

Utmost care should be provided in their bringing up and in the process of socializing the kid. We had seen many examples where children are totally ignored by their parents and intern they expect love and care from their kids. This is an absurd argument then to tell that their children are not being fair to them. You reap what you sow. It has been found that the warmth, closeness and trustworthiness of a baby’s bonds with primary adults is crucial to the ability to form healthy relationships.

In our opinion, parents should be willing to sacrifice a portion of their time for the care of their kids. In the field of child rearing, I would like to recommend some points which would help to maintain a warm bondage with your Kid. Sensitive play: Here the parent`s play with a child is evaluated, researchers at the University of Regensburg, Munich, Germany, found that children whose fathers played with them in a sensitive way at age two tended to form closer relationships with others.

This kind of a relation increases the intimacy. A warm, loving bond: Researchers have long known that attachment the warmth, closeness and trustworthiness of a baby’s bonds with primary adults. Working long hours: Dads who work long hours tend to spend less time with their kids. Care should be taken to find more time to spend with the child. Making a lot of money: Yes, you have read it absolutely right. Dads who have higher incomes spend less time engaged in activities with their children. This was found by Dr. Hofferth.