Healthy People 2020 Global Health Initiatives-Cancer essay

HealthyPeople 2020 Global Health Initiatives-Cancer

HealthyPeople 2020 Global Health Initiatives-Cancer

Cancer poses a significant challenge as portrayed by an increase indeath cases resulting from the disease. Tremendous efforts have beenlaunched aimed at reducing the number of cancer cases, illnesses,disabilities and deaths caused by the disease. Cancer ischaracterized by the abnormal growth of cells with the potential toinvade and spread to different parts of the body through metastasis.

Healthy People 2020 has outlined goals that aim at eliminating orreducing the detrimental effects of the disease. Goals set by HealthyPeople 2020 target different forms of cancers having adverse effectson people (National Center for Health Statistics, 2011). The firstgoal is to reduce death rates associated with cancerous diseases.Mainly, the initiative aims at reducing mortality rates of lung,breast, cervix, colorectal, prostate and melanoma cancers.

The initiative targets at increasing the number of patients havingaccess to screening services for various forms of cancers. Further,the initiative has set a goal that aims at improving the mental andphysical health associated quality of life for cancer survivors.

The Center for Disease Control has taken measures that help in theattainment of the goals that have been set. Notably, they facilitateresearch about different forms of cancers to get the best treatmentregimens for the diseases. It also creates awareness on ways ofpreventing cancers and how to deal with the disease.

Caregiver Role Strain

Caregivers suffer from burnout because of the nature of the job thatthey do. Some of them have to ensure that they continually monitorthe patient resulting in burnout as they execute their tasks.(Gordon, Pruchno, Wilson-Genderson, Murphy, &amp Rose, 2011). Theproblem can be solved by allowing the caregivers to take a breakperiodically.


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