Healthcare Healthcare essay



Theprocesses of planning, training, and monitoring the activitiesinvolved in the healthcare sector may seem overwhelming hencediscourage their enactment. The intensity of the importance of thementioned activities gets a real touch when the healthcare giversface a life-threatening activity where the lives of the patients andthe profession of the caregivers get in line (Graupp 2012). Theprocess of conducting proper training ensures that the peoplehandling the patients know what they are dealing with while extendingthe medical services to those in need. In so doing, the immenseknowledge ensures that the parties involved have a variety of optionsto choose from when selecting the most appropriate form of medicationor care for the sick (Graupp 2012). More so, the enhanceddecision-making process offers an opportunity for all of the medicalprofessionals to think critically of the best solution to approach acertain illness. The decision-making process eliminates any doubts,clears the room for possible errors and advice on the best to provepractices to solve a medical problem.

Thereare negative results from the ignorance of the medical professionalsto follow the correct procedures in the decision-making ordeal, inthe training, and in the planning processes. Administration of thewrong medication leads the negative challenges (Haseltine 2013). Itis common to hear that a patient underwent surgery only for thesloppy doctors to leave surgical tools in the victim’s body. Inaddition, there arise accountability issues where no medical partywishes to own up to a medical mistake. Misappropriations (Haseltine2013) in the healthcare services come along from the ignorance tofollow the three checks mentioned in the paper. In common cases,doctors get to court for conducting their personal medication insteadof following the recommended procedures to arrive at a cure. Lowhealing outcomes, compromising the medical funds are additionalnegative effects.


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