Healthcare Ethics Law essay

HealthcareEthics Law

Thefederal government is responsible for the development of thereasonable and accommodative laws and policies that would guide theoperation companies erupting within its environs. The formulationmust follow a particular style on the underlying economic ability ofthe nation. Assessment of the benefits must always outweigh therepercussions, and the ethical considerations should always tallywith the standard international ethical procedures formulated by theglobal organizations and boards responsible for maintaining the moralconcerns.

Characteristicsof Stakeholders

Stakeholderswithin a firm include many individuals who commit their fund tosupport the activities of the business. For our company, they includedirectors, employees and the government which allowed theestablishment of the industry in the named country with respect ofenjoying taxation and revenue charges. Stakeholders are identified byspecific characters such as power, where majorly affect thedecision-making process in the firm. Secondly, dependence is alsovery critical characteristic of the shareholders. They facilitate thesurvival of the business through pumping resources into it and lastlymay get known by the responsibilities. They are the executive membersof the running boards[ CITATION Nod04 l 1033 ].

Laboris paramount for the operation of any business may it be, skilled orunskilled labor. Its inadequacy would always reflect an impact on theproduction output and thus, it has more weight to be considered whenan industry is being laid. The biggest challenge falls in when thefact remains that the laborers are people, and there stipulated lawsthat guide the roles and responsibilities of the employees. Humanlife is sacred since no human can model it and therefore respectinglife needs ethical protection.

Theemployees are entitled to exploiting individual rights while theytake part in the presented responsibilities. Many companies today arevery ignorant, and they fail to respect life. Thus, they use laborersfor their self-interests. Workers have rights to receiving wagesreasonably equal to the tasks they play, being paid one dollar dayextreme exploitation. Money is also required to be paid in time tothe workers with accompanied gifts and motivations from theexecutive, but this does not happen in PharmaCare.

Analyzinghuman rights in PharmaCare

Employeesare supposed to be insured to meet compensations for the risksexposed to in the line of duty. The companies are also expected toformulate committees and policies that state the responsibilities anduphold the ethical levels within its environs as per the national andinternational ethical regulations. Many corporations worldwide lackthe requirements and therefore, workers are all but exploited with novoice heard. For instance, the Colberians were exposed to fatiguewith low pay by walking daily for over five miles and risking theirlives to human-animal conflicts in the jungle to collect themedicinal plants[ CITATION Mol15 l 1033 ].

Thenational bodies are required to identify the particular age of peopleto be employed in the firms as workers which are not mentionedanywhere by the PharmaCare company. They recruited any Coleraincitizen who was willing to work for with the offer they offered. Thatmeant that the firm also hired even children who consented to work atthe stipulated wage. Many countries on the globe still exploitchildren, and the rates are reported to be very high in China andIndian companies with increased youths in the mining, agriculture andblacksmith industries. The Colberian people were oppressed at theplight of the wealthy merchant directors who leave fancy lives ingood houses and good essential services as the worker stays inwretched huts in the villages.

Irecommend that the ethical boards be formulated to ensure corporateregulations are put into considerations to help the people ofColberia receive fair pays and treatment from their employers notonly for the PharmaCare firm but also the other upcoming industriesin the country. Secondly, it will be of importance to havecommissioners to carry out inspections of the businesses and ensurethe organizations meet the required standards. Develop a salarystructure to ensure that all workers receive proper wages andsalaries based on skill, risks endured and working hours. Conductionof forums between the management and the subordinates would also benecessary to foster the relationship at workplaces and improveproductivity.

Assessingthe PharmaCare backdrop

Thecompany`s aim was not meeting the environmental conservation andimprovement but only to attract interest from the general public andpopularize its name in the country. Many firms focus of backdropsmajorly as a way of advertising their name in the nations once theystart. In most cases they do petite to achieve their pledges andlater drops the strategies immediately they meet their malicioustargets. PharmaCare used the initiative to manipulate the nationalenvironmental rules and regulation set by the Colberia nation.

Thisfirms used the ecological approach to laundering the stateenvironmental laws and promote its objective of establishment inColberia. In the world today, many companies have come up withmodernized and technologically improved equipment in the health caresector. These companies want to beat the market, and they come inwith voluntary services and chargeable complementary materials andproducts which help them stabilize in the stiff market globally


Accordingto utilitarian theory, desires are enjoyed after ensuring that thequantity and quality of goods and services are best provided and thatall the efforts put in the success have been well appreciated[ CITATION Cor92 l 1033 ].The appreciation of the risks and suffering endured is supposed to bemet by the wages, salaries, motivations, gifts and appraisals to allthe employees and the executive. PharmaCare Company failed to utilizethe moral facts in this concept as the suffering endured by the fieldworkers is not justly appreciated and therefore, the company leavesgaps in the utilization of utilitarian concept. There arises theexistence of negative utilitarianism where the pleasures that thepeople of Colberia are exposed to as being the suffering while thedirectors enjoy all the fruits of their efforts.


Withreference made to the rules and ethical consideration then thePharmaCare forgot about the existence rules since they acted againstthe national environmental rules set to safeguard the environment andused the break drop to acquire fame and marketing stability. It isalso the duty of the executive to handle the workers with moral careas opposed to what happens between them in the PharmCareCorporation[ CITATION Cor92 l 1033 ].


Inthe theory, the argument is that, for an individual to recognize thesoul ethical respect towards life then it will occur with hischaracter and behavior. The theory emphasizes on the developmentalchange that human being need to happen for them to realize how touphold moral facts in a business environment. It is not realized byPharmaCare directors who are malicious and do not develop anyvirtues. After, escaping the environmental rules through the falseinitiative, they drug Colberian people into exploitation. As if thatnot enough, they stay in good mansion well catered while the poorworkers reside in pathetic huts in the villages. The theory`s effectsare not realized in the contextual industry but, the same happens inmany organizations today with egocentric executive people who liveroyal lifestyles at the expense of the poor workers.

Ethicsof care

Thisconcept focusses on the identification of the actions that are termedmorally straight or immoral. It does not support the application ofinternational consideration to a firm as that brings lots ofconfusion. Since the environmental conservation is a global approachand the standardization of laws has seen a breach in theirapplication within some nations since the effects posed by industriesare minute to less development and industrialization. I would arguethat the criticism PharmaCare faces in the implementation of the lawswere favorable to its fulfillment. Disturbances kick in immediatelythe standard considerations are used[ CITATION Rus13 l 1033 ].

IndividuallyI value human life and also want to be treated with just andfairness. Exploitation of people for personal benefit is obscene forany reasonable person who cares. I, therefore, challenge thoseindividuals who have subordinates below them to ensure they treatthem like they share the same life. Egocentrism would only increasedependency, and this would shrink the economy of any nation.Monopolism would kick in, and later profits margins would not bemassive. Appreciation of employees by ethically placing them underthe regulations would always create a good rapport and improveoutput.

Inthe real world, we have many companies which have similar precariousissues just as out context firm. For instance, The McDonalds is abusiness that exploits the younger employees by paying them fewerwages that what the national policy states. This was arrived at afterthe company made a donation to the Nixon’s re-election campaign.The legislation was, therefore, manipulated and the company canexploit the teenage employees by paying them 20% less the requiredamount.

Similaritiesand differences in the organizations

Similaritiesbetween PharmaCare and McDonalds is that the two enterprises did notgive the employees freedom to from any unions that would present anytroubles through activities such as industrial actions. Both firmsalso, pay their worker`s very low wages and do not accept anyinformation about them being covered by the media sources to ensureall the mistreatments are concealed. In addition to all these, theyalso do not consider the risks endured by the workers wherePharmaCare lets the workers into the jungle exposing them to wildanimal attacks and McDonalds similarly got held guilty of animalcruelty which was committed by its suppliers.

Disposingof the wastes into the environment put the original occupants in theecological setting at risk of death and extinction. The productsproduced by the firms are not legitimate since the McDonald’s foodswere unhealthy and increased child mortality. The drugs generated bythe PharmaCare are not told if they are confirmed by the world HealthOrganization for their efficacies and toxicities[ CITATION NNa14 l 1033 ].

Contraryto what the two companies share is that the PharmCare organizationproduct has labeled to be of importance to the Colberian populationdespite the dangerous effects. The McDonalds is worse more of sinceit mistreats the workers and still produces the hazardous foodproducts to the infants.


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