Health campaign essay


Thehealth behavior that needs to be used to introduce is nutrition.Nutrition, in this case, entails taking of the balanced diet perevery meal that one’s take. Nutrition is a key health behavioralaspect that affects most of the college students at large.


Mostof the students have a bad eating habit. They hardly eat a meal andwhen they eat they hardly take a balanced diet food for a meal.Mostly they take a preference on a certain meal like forcarbohydrates only or carbohydrates and proteins only. Proteins arethe foodstuff that they least take. You can find somebody eatingvitamins and fruits after a period of months or even weeks. This,therefore, means that the matter should be handled to ensure that thepeople take in balance diet for a day.

Allfoodstuffs are essentials for health. Carbohydrates provide energy tothe body, proteins serve to build the body and cause the growth.Vitamins and fruits together with the minerals help in preventingdiseases and other function. Owing to this, therefore, a default orlack of one component of the food will lead to a disease condition.

This,therefore, shows the need as to why this health behavioral aspectshould be checked.

Thestudents need to be educated on the benefit of taking the balanceddiet as part and parcel of their diet. This will help to elevate thelevel of the students to whom they are healthy. The essence of theevery diet like carbohydrates, protein and vitamins need to be spokenout. The students should be mobilized so that they may change theattitude they have towards a certain nutritive form of food and giveevery food the respect it deserves by taking a balanced diet.

Thisaspect will reduce the malnutrition cases in the college and promotethe health condition of the students. There will be healthy studentsin the campus and thus reduced cases of illness be it malnutrition orother associated diseases.


Someof the methods to be used in the campaigns will be through publiccampaigns where the large mass of students is being addressed on tothe importance of the proper nutrition as a health behavioral model.Important teachings and awareness are made known to the students.Proper way forward is also include bringing about behavioral change.

Personalinteraction with the campaign teams and officers who are educated inthe field will be also used. In this case, the situation affectingindividual students is being narrowed down and tackled at a personallevel. It is highly effective as the student’s desires andinquiries are fully catered for in a satisfactory state.

Interviews,sampling, and questions serve to help promote the health campaign.This provides the people`s reasons as to why they have a preferenceon a particular meal than the other. This information is very vitalas it shows which point needs to be tackled to enable change of thebehavior.

Ofgreat importance is the fact that the health campaign in accordancewith the theories that enable behavioral change. These theories helpin coming up with what is needed for the behavioral change. Theproblems that the students face are perfectly explained on thereference to these theories to provide the everlasting solution. Mostof the theories in use are the health belief model, transtheoreticalmodel, and behavioral model. They are the best as they handle thebehavioral change from the basics that is the cause. They provide aneverlasting solution.


Therefore,it is necessary to have the plan towards changing the behavior andthe plan need to abide by the theories or approaches of the health.This is because the theories serve as a basis for evaluating thebehavior and fully satisfying it. On the other hand, behavioralchange is essential to make an individual be the better. The changecan happen to even those thought not possible as long as theappropriate approach used.