Healing hospital a daring paradigm essay

Healing hospital: A daring paradigm

Healinghospital: a daring paradigm

Thetradition of healing in most of the current hospitals nowadays isfond of desensitizing impression that tend to neglect that patientsneed real love and care as they undergo their healing process. Mostof the traditional hospitals are mainly based on the biological andphysical health of a patient. With this kind of perspective, the caregivers in most of the traditional hospitals normally act as medicalworkers with no healing agenda portrayed in their work (William &ampSharon, 2012). Today, there is a new paradigm that the health expertsare working on so that a hospital environment that has spiritualhealing mechanisms can be promoted. There is need to integrateprinciples of spiritual healing means together with the medicalpractices that the members of any hospital environment carry out.Thus a holistic approach to healthcare provision can be attained sothat many patients can benefit from such environments. This essaydiscusses the components of a healing hospital paradigm and how therelationship between the components and spirituality.

MercyGilbert Medical Center propose that any healing course needs noblehealth services to be given to patients combined with love and care.Most hospitals tend to embrace three main constituents e.g. healingphysical environment, culture and radical loving care and the abilityto integrate work and technology. These components have to becombined beyond just physical healing but also spiritual healing.

Anyhealing atmosphere should not only take the care of thee patient intoconsideration but should also engage the families of the patientstogether with the relationships between the hospital staffs and thecare givers. If a lovely, beautiful and compassionate environment iscreated, the patients together with the families will easily cop withdisease and stress. And most hospitals have promoted such kinds ofenvironments that are conducive. On the other hand, when patients areshown great love and care, complete psychological healing will beachieved as patients who feel that care is given to them get healedboth physically and mentally (Gilbert, 2009). But then spiritualconnection to any key healing hospital is mainly based on the ancienttradition that promotes love as the main concern when it comes tohealing. The healing hospital should also be designed in “TheGolden Thread” structure to signify the faith of the care givers inGod. The structure also shows that the healthcare healing facilitiesin the hospitals appreciates the spiritual interventions (Gilbert,2012).

Forthe healing to be effective, human spirit that happens to be aninvisible part of any individual need to be nourished. Codinhoto,Tzortzopoulos, Kagioglou &amp Aouad (2009) agrees that most peoplehave very strong alert to themselves as marvelous beings. Also, mostof the reviewed studies on spirituality found out the factssuggesting that spirituality significantly affects the healingprocess, both positively and negatively. William &amp Sharon (2012)also suggested that a fit spirituality can be useful when it comes toensuring prevention and improved results. Spirituality also providesa means through which the patients can cope with any sickness and thedifficulties involved thus spirituality should be stimulated andpromoted in the healing environment.

Whendesigning a healing environment, individuals need to be more cautiousbecause of the existing difficulties and barriers in the hospitalsurrounding. In a critical surroundings like the ICU, coming up witha healing atmosphere require dedicated strategies that can breakevery kind of barrier. Establishing a setting that is conducive forcritical patients can be hindered by inadequacy in termsinfrastructure, technology and finance (Codinhoto, Tzortzopoulos,Kagioglou &amp Aouad, 2009). At times providing technologicalsupport when creating a healing environment can be a drawback asthere could be inadequate expertise.

Hospitalsettings need to be quiet but then noise pollution produced by thesurrounding may not be easy to control. Also hospitals that are builtnext to towns experience a lot of noise from automobiles, planes andpeople. Also patients suffer different ailments making the process ofcoming up with a healing environment that can suit all the patientsis a great challenge. Individual needs when it comes to aestheticappeals differ hence complicating the creation of an environment thatbefits different individuals. Also striking a balance between thedemands of different cultures and the advancements in technologypresents challenges when creating a healing environment. Whencrafting a healing environment, there is need to distinguish lightintensity but then this is not to tell.

Whendevising dwellings for patients, several options that are not easy totell come up. The environmental principles by the health inspectorsalso complicate the whole process of creating a healing environment.Guaranteeing safety for the entire establishment is not an easyundertaking as hospitals are presumed to be secure places for all thestakeholders. Coming up with a healing environment that can meet theneeds of all patients presents difficulty when it comes to sustainingthe whole healthcare situation. Most of the people who create healingenvironments face challenge from opponents who are not happy withtheir potential projects.

Thebiblical reading supporting healing conception in hospitals is thecuring of Bartimaeus in the Book of (Mark 10:46-53). As Christ wastraveling from Jericho, a crowd followed him he then met a blind manby the name Bartimaeus along the road. Bartimaeus called Jesus manytimes and the disciples of Jesus rebuked him for calling Jesusseveral times. Lucky enough, Jesus heard a person calling him from adistance and he went back to the person. The blind man was raised andbrought to the feet of Christ, where Christ asked him what he wantedChrist to do for him. He wanted Jesus to help him regain his sight.After Jesus touched the man’s eyes, he was able to see again. Thehealing of Bartimaeus expresses the healing activity that waseffective due to the belief in the divine spirit. Healing hospitalcomes up with the concept of love and care as explained in the book(Mark 10:46-53). Jesus portrayed love and care by going back torescue the blind man. Also, the healing hospital concept of spiritualhealing perfectly demonstrates spirituality to desperate people(William &amp Sharon, 2012).


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