He that is spiritual essay

The book “He that is spiritual” by Lewis Sperry Chafer is a Christian work that was very warmly received by Bible teachers and students. This defines true Christian living and unfolds the biblical teaching regarding spirituality. It explains what spirituality is and how it is secured. This book is of great interest to every Christian. The text corrects many false impressions and presents a scriptural pattern for the full life in Christ. Dr. Chafer represents a concise but practical work on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the daily life of the Believer. It is a book for a hungry heart of a Christian.

However, “He that is spiritual” is somehow difficult in style, that may be makes it difficult for reading; it is brilliant work on Christianity. In fact Dr. Chafer depicts the reality of being spiritual. In this connection the author affirms that being spiritual or in fellowship with the Lord is an absolute state. With closer consideration of the book it may be said that the author opens his book with the representation of three classes of men, the “natural” or unregenerate man, and the “carnal” and “spiritual” men. He considers the letter one to live on a higher plane. He explain what how a person may be changed in spiritual dimension.

The salvation definitely the author sees in religion. He says that an accomplished man is one that has a real faith in Christ, but to be spiritually accomplished man you have got to have a real adjustment to the Spirit. This spiritual man is an ideal in all dimensions. The author also speaks about double salvation, either from the power of sin or from the penalty of sin. And the book closes with a protracted analogy between these two salvations. From the text of the book we as readers may somehow conclude that God saves no one ¬ He only makes salvation possible for men.

Whether it becomes possible depends absolutely on people’s own act. It is only by their deeds that it is made probable for God to save them. But nonetheless, the God provides and bestows is in the fullest divine perfection. But our life remains, therefore, the subject to constant improvement. The book tells that He who is spiritual, He who believes in Jesus Christ is under grace. The author explains that salvation is a unit, and that He who is united to Jesus Christ by true faith receives in Him not only salvation from the penalty of sin ¬ but also sanctification salvation from the power of sin.

The author says that every spiritual person experience God’s love that cannot be humanly produced or even imitated, it just working in and through a believer. To have a heart that feels the compassion of God is to drink of the wine of heaven, Dr. Chafer says. He explains with rather ambiguous language that everything is depended on people and their deeds. God’s provisions only make it possible for us as humans to live without sinning. And it is for us to decide which path to walk. After reading the book even a person that is mentally very far from religion finds out that there is no necessity of sinning.

It is much better to live with compliance with one’s soul and God. Although, whether we shall actually sin or not is our own affair. And we will have as much as we make it possible for Him to bestow. Everything is in our hands. As a result it is important to say that the book “He that is spiritual” is a kind advice to people to live without sins. It does not oblige to do good things it just gives you an alternative and you understand that living with God is much more satisfying than living in sin. Also our future salvation also depends solely on us, as human beings.