Hawthorne findings in workplaces essay


Hawthornefindings in workplaces

Hawthornefindings in workplaces

Inhis study at Western Electric Factory, Hawthorne sought to establishhow changes in workplace characteristics have an influence on theproductivity. The study established that changes in lighting andworking environment have a positive impact on the productivity ofworkers. The main finding of Hawthorne was that workers tend tomodify their behavior in response to being observed while working.Supervisors, team leaders and managers can effectively use Hawthornefindings to improve the productivity of workers. People tend toimprove their work behaviors and productivity if there are changes inthe working environment. The changes in behavior are not necessarilydue to the nature of change. During Hawthorne experiments, workersresponded to the attention of the researchers resulting intoincreased productivity. Consequently, creativity among workers cansignificantly improve if the management, line managers, andsupervisors show interest in the workers. The positive emotionaleffects as a result of the perception of being observed or someonehaving interest result into improved productivity (Stein 41). Forexample, senior managers can be advised to take time and observe theworkers in their workplaces. However, some observation such aspeeping over the shoulders while the employee is working on acomputer may be intimidating resulting into reduced productivity. Themanager or supervisor should let the employees know that he or she isinterested in the challenges they face in their routine work throughtheir physical presence. This will boost creativity and increaseproductivity. Physical changes in the workplace can also havepositive emotional effects on the workers resulting in increasedproductivity. This may include changes in seating or officearrangements as well as decorations in the workplace. Generally, theproductivity of the workers is influenced by the attention shown tothem and their work (Stein 41).


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