Growing Hispanic Population and its influence on US Culture essay

The current economic status of the world and the movements that are proposed to support the growing need for economic expansion primarily leads to the application of the globalization of systems including the lives of the people within the human society. One of the results of such advancement is the existence of immigration. All over the world, there are many countries that become host to several immigrants from neighboring areas. Australia as an example holds at least 52% of its population that came from immigrating nationalities within the said country.

Among the countries which became a common host for immigrants is the American Region. Although the immigration rules are not that easy to pursue, it could not be denied that since the said region of the world holds so much promise for the people, as they see the Americas as the land of their dreams, there is certainly nothing that could keep them away from reaching their goals, even tight immigration procedures could not stop them. Through illegal entrance within the border of the country, they are able to create possibilities with regards living within the American regions.

There are several nationalities that have dominated the American states already since the year when the First and Second World War ended. At some point, this procedure of transferring from country to country has been causing both advantages and disadvantages for the United States. As William H. Frey (1999) commented: “Clearly, Asian and Hispanic immigrants are spilling over into regions of the United States with which they are not normally easily associated. Today’s migration will carry the new minorities into labor markets in communities such as Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Oklahoma City and Colorado Springs.

(http://usinfo. state. gov/journals/itsv/0699/ijse/frey. htm). From this point, it could be noted that the immigration rate in America indeed affect their social living as well as the American society’s cultural heritage. Reports pertain to pointing the highest immigration rates to Hispanics or Latinos who prefer to stay within the American borders rather than in their own country. Knowing that these people are the ones who are primarily invading the country’s cultural and social connections, it could be observed that they too are the ones who are having overall domination in several sates of the country.

How are these claims proven and how do the reports on Hispanic immigration affect the American way of living? This is what is going to be tackled within the paragraphs that shall follow. The History of Latino Immigration in the American Region The massive immigration rate of Latinos towards the Americas even dates way back the exploration period of the Spanish empire. The Spaniards were able to unveil the beautiful land of America and were thus able to create possible communities before. However, they did not prefer to stay as much when they saw the different riches of the lands over the pacific islands of Asia.

However, just during the later decades, the Mexican society gained freedom away form the Spanish rule, hence giving them larger chances of living their lives the way they want to and finally finding their own way in supporting their own community. The autonomy however leads to a more complicated move. They did not prefer to simply stay within their countries because of the system of governance that was implemented then and because of the country itself. Hence, when they saw that the American regions best suited their needs, they began to transfer to the said country.

Since then, every year, the immigration rate increases. As it has been noted through historical reports: “In 1900, the total Mexican-American population was estimated to be between 380,000 and 560,000. The early 1900’s saw a sharp increase in the number of Mexican immigrants as economic conditions in Mexico worsened…” (World Book and the Globe, 2005, HIHAI, Internet) Yes, the chaotic situation in Mexico forced the people to leave their own land and proceed with their lives in other countries. America was the primary target of the said minority.

Miami particularly attracted them because of the climate of the state and the Mexico-like ambiance in the said American territory. During the late 1990’s, the immigration rate of Hispanics coming in the American territories tripled and began to invade the American society in large numbers. As the said report continues: “From the 1970’s to the early 1990’s, large numbers of Hispanic immigrants came from war-torn countries in Central America, including El Salvador and Nicaragua. Many of these immigrants were children and teen-agers whose parents had been killed or had disappeared.

Some U. S. citizens felt that Central Americans fleeing military conflict should be granted political asylum in the United States…” (World Book and the Globe, 2005, HIHAI, Internet) Now, the realization of both the advantages and the disadvantages of the situation are currently seen. It could be noted that movements of social change are being created so as to cater to both the cultures of the Hispanic groups of supposed “minorities” and the interest of those who are natives of the land.

However, because of the ration of the number of the said immigrants, the balance of the systematic movements are feared to fail in their own way as the application of the said changes becomes much impossible as the strength of the Latino influence within the American society increases as well. The Changes Brought About by the Hispanic Invasion It could not be denied that as the population grows the system of the society of the American region changes as well. Sadly, the immigration’s strong influence within the said society has primarily made a radical change within the lives of the American natives.

With the population rate of the Hispanic immigrants in the country, it could be observed that their voice becomes even louder than the natives. The fear of the American is that there is a possibility that one time, they would be more confident and thus they make take over the American region as well. Immigrants are supposed to be treated as primary minorities of the host country. However, because of the growing number of the Hispanics, they are now considered majority of the American population. Statistics prove this particular claim: Diagram 1: Population Statistics in America Between the 1960’s towards the year 2000

(Source: Samuel P. Huntington. 2004, the Hispanic Challenge) Diagram Analysis: From the figures shown above, it could be observed that the population growth of immigrants in the United States in 2000 primarily results to population boost within the Mexican group. According to reports, at least 35% of the said growth is sourced out from birthing and the rest comes from massive entry of the Mexican immigrants that continues up until the present time. These figures certainly prove the fact that the claims of the dominance of Mexican immigrants within the American society are all true.

As for a fact, especially within the territories of Miami, the Mexican immigrants there already managed to create their own communities called pueblos, whereas they have their own local government. It is as if they are creating a small replica of Mexico within the territories of the American region. Because of the numerous treaties that the American government have signed and unsigned and signed again before, the possibility of keeping situations like this from happening seems quite impossible to happen. Hence, the Americans are forced to live with the changes brought about by the said immigration. What are these changes?