Group Project Charity Concert. essay

GroupProject: Charity Concert.

GroupProject: Charity Concert.

TheNewYork Timesreported that the ongoing crisis in Syria has affected the Syrianpopulation with women and children being the biggest casualties(Sanger, 2016). A number of people have been forced to flee theirhomes due to war moving to Europe as refugees. Disturbed by the painand suffering that these innocent children have to bear in therefugee camps, we felt obliged to try and support them in the littleways we can since this is the essence of humanity. Therefore, we cameup with a project that would enable us raise funds and donate tosupport these children. After careful deliberations, we settled on acharity concert as a way of raising funds.

Acharity concert is a type of artistic performance, such as a musicgala or a music show bringing together different musicians,comedians, deejays, and other performers in the entertainmentindustry that is held for a voluntary purpose which is aimed atproviding a humanitarian assistance (Ray et al., 2007). The core ofour project was informed by the need to show compassion and love tohumanity as well as restoration of hope to the hopeless. The proceedsof our concert will go a long way in supporting Syrian children invarious refugee camps. Our principal objectives are to create anevent that will help to raise funds and other resources required toprovide the basic needs of these children in the camps. To succeed,we also aim to satisfy our audience by providing them with afantastic performance full of fun and a memorable concert.

ProjectInitiation:This concert will be dubbed “support a child” At this stage, afeasibility study is carried out to investigate the viability of theproject as well as their alignments to the predetermined objectives.In our project, the primary objective is to raise significant fundsand resources to be donated to the children in various refugee campsin Europe. All the logistics towards achieving this must be set atthe initiation stage, and the cost of meeting the objectives must befar less than the revenue (Harold, 2013). At this stage, we willidentify different corporate bodies that can partner with us tosupport this excellent course as well as coming up with a list ofcelebrities in the entertainment industry that will perform at theevent. The feasibility study can go for about one month. This willalso help us to ask the general public a few questions about theproject and also get a general feeling.

Projectplanning:having in mind the magnitude of our project and the planning stagemust be carefully carried out. Here a suitable venue must beidentified that can accommodate as many people as possible to ensurehigh proceeds. The best and renowned in the entertainment industrymust be lined up for the concert. They should be part of this processif they are to offer their services voluntarily (James, 1999). Theissue of ticketing which is the heartbeat of the project must belooked into with a lot of caution. We should be able to estimate thenumber of audiences we are expecting to calculate the revenue fromthe sale of tickets. The project management committee must come upwith the schedule for the whole event and the related costs. Forinstance, in this case, some of the expenses we are likely to incurare advertisement costs since we must publicize the concert,security costs that are the security officers maintaining law andorder during the event.

PlanExecution:The plan is put into life, and the project is performed. We intend toinvite all the corporates who wish to do marketing at the concert toregister with us to help us boost our revenues. This will require alot of networking and constant communications with the stakeholders.The focus here should be about the estimated costs compared to theestimated total revenues. Therefore, a lot of energy is needed toensure everything remains as planned and reducing costs as much aspossible (Heldman, 2011). After the completion of the concert, theproject management committee will sit down to see how the proceedswill be divided among the already identified camps hosting theserefugees with attention to children.


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